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Property Management Hero Award

Recognize everyday heroes in property management, who deliver outstanding experiences for residents & colleagues.

Nominate a Property Marketing Hero

Why a Property Management Hero Award?

hero | he·ro: a person who is greatly admired

We all work with heroes. The person that goes the extra mile to help. The person that continually contributes to the team's success. The person that everyone goes to for answers. And in property management, more than any other industry, we have a ton of heroes!

We’re not simply managing a building or a business. We’re managing a community filled with individuals. A community built on relationships, where residents go to feel safe and enjoy a sense of belonging.

This is why we’ve created the Property Management Hero Award.

The Property Management Hero Award shines a spotlight on everyday stars at your community who consistently go above and beyond for your residents and staff.

How it works

  1. Nominations submitted: Time-bound nominations within five property management categories open throughout the year. 
  2. Category winners announced; A Zego panel reviews nominations and selects and announces one winner from each category.
  3. Public voting: On December 1, 2022, all five category winners are featured on the Zego website for public voting, which continues throughout the month of December.
  4. Awards presented: In early January, the nominee with the most votes is recognized and celebrated at a virtual awards ceremony.

Property Management Hero Prizes

Category Winners

Category winners and their companies receive a personalized trophy, swag bag full of goodies and coverage in Zego’s social media channels and newsletter.

Annual Award Winner

In addition to Category Winner prizes, the final Property Management Hero winner receives a $2,000 gift card to relax and enjoy a fun experience on us!

Submit your Property Marketing hero nominations

Do you know a Property Marketing rockstar? Nominate them by March 15, 2022. We want to hear their success story!

Nomination Categories

  • Marketing

    Marketing is the public face for your company. These individuals help establish, promote, and maintain your brand, ensuring you get your message out and Leads rolling in. Nominate a Marketing hero that goes above and beyond! Maybe they are crushing their KPIs, increasing positive reviews and ratings by 20%, or dramatically increasing Lead flow. We want to hear their success story.

    Nominate by March 15
  • Leasing

    Leasing professionals are often the first people potential renters meet. They work to ensure leads are followed, tours are booked, and that the right residents move into the property. They are often the main “face” for the building that residents see and interact with long after the initial lease is signed and secured. Nominate your leasing hero who goes above and beyond! Maybe they are crushing conversion rates or making impressive gains in application to move-in time. We want to hear their success story.

    Nominations Open 4/15
  • Property/Community Manager

    A good property/onsite manager is like a Swiss Army Knife. They are able to tackle a variety of challenges while ensuring onsite teams operate effectively. Nominate your property manager hero who goes above and beyond!  Have they turned around resident retention? Increased NOI? Sent staff satisfaction through the roof? We want to hear their success story. 

    Nominations Open 6/15
  • Maintenance & Facilities

    There is no property without maintenance and facilities. These folks help residents rain or shine. From minor inconveniences to major emergencies, each step of the way, they put residents and other staff first. Nominate your maintenance and facilities hero who goes above and beyond! Has your nominee slashed cost but kept quality? Maybe you have an amazing resolution satisfaction score story to tell? Share it with us. 

    Noninations Open 8/15
  • Operations

    This expansive category includes roles like Training, Accounting, and traditional Operations. These heroes work hard behind the scenes to enable those with direct resident interactions to deliver the ultimate living experience. Nominate your Operations hero that goes above and beyond! We want to hear their success story.

    Nominations Open 10/15


Category Winners

  • Marketing

    Nominations Open Now!

  • Leasing

    Nominations Open 4/15 - 5/15

  • Property/Community Manager

    Nominations Open 6/15 - 7/15

  • Maintenance & Facilities

    Nominations Open 8/15 - 9/15

  • Operations

    Nominations Open 10/15 - 11/15

Nominate a Property Marketing hero

Do you know a Property Marketing rockstar? Nominate them by March 15, 2022. We want to hear their success story!

Previous Property Management Hero Winners

Prior Property Management Hero awards were structured differently, but since so much goes into making a property run smoothly we want to recognize the unsung heroes across all areas of property management. Check out our previous winners and what makes them Property Management Heroes!

December 2021 Winner: Sheldon Becher of Babad Management

Sheldon was nominated by a record of ten different people. All of them highlighted his project and people management abilities while managing a renovation in a landmarked building that was completed flawlessly and kept the residents happy. This, coupled with Sheldon's compassion for the people and expansive community involvement, make him a true PM Hero. 

"His oversight over the past 20 years has brought our building to new heights. Major renovations and restorations have constantly been a part of our everyday lives but have always been handled with care and consideration of our residents. He has been an integral part of improving our cumulative quality of life."

Watch the recording

September 2021 Winner: Dayanna Medina of Dunwoody Apartment Homes

Dayanna was nominated for: working her way up from Leasing Agent to Property Manager, increasing occupancy from 86% to 97%, and hiring a full staff who have stuck by her side because she empowers them. Since English is her second language, she has worked extra hard to prove herself as a Property Manager.

"Dayana's management style is caring and putting her resident first. She walks their units personally when they complain and she takes care of their issues. Occupancy has not dropped more than %95 in months" - Ida Mora, Assistant Manager

Watch the recording

June 2021 Winner: Jenn Budd of Mallard Lakes Townhomes

Jenn was nominated for: improving NOI by over 12%, reducing vacancy from 2.4% to 1.6%, increasing resident survey scores by 6% (from a rating of 3.88 to 4.36), and increasing score (from a B+ to A in one year). She has also mentored multiple Leasing Consultants that were then promoted to Property Managers.

"Jenn is a go-to leader within PLK and among her team. Her heart is for her people and empowering them to be their best selves. She works with her community members and team alike to make life a little easier, a little happier, and connected." - Jen Van Treese, Marketing and Training Educator

Watch the recording

March 2021 Winner: Christina Hayes of Millan Enterprises, LLC

Christina was nominated for three main categories: team and company culture, resident satisfaction, and direct impact on business results. Throughout the 5 years she's been with Millan she grew the team from 3 to 15 people while maintaining culture, increased Net Promoter Score from 63 to 70, and raised revenue across the board by 15% all while new buildings were being added.

"Christina is the embodiment of a servant leader. She consistently goes out of her way to improve the lives of our residents, co-workers, and maintenance team. Her hardwork over the years is a story of starting at the bottom and working her way to the top. She should be recognized for her selfless actions and ability to connect with anyone she comes in contact with. " - Rylan Kean, Dir. of Business Development

Watch the recording

December 2020 Winner: Jessica Gillis of Vision Communities | The Ave Apartments

Jessica was nominated for being a great leader, increasing NOI by almost $500,000, hitting annual budget goals 6 months early, and organizing food trucks to support local businesses and encourage community involvement. She also created a Facebook community page for her residents to stay in touch with each other and the staff. Hear from Jessica on the amazing things she has done to help her community in the recording below.

"Jessica should be named a Property Manager Hero for having the highest pre-lease before opening numbers in company, fastest lease up of a new proeprty for the company, record breaking amount of move-ins, and kept the team motivated and busier than ever, even during a pandemic." - Tabitha Meyers, Leasing Agent

Watch the recording

September 2020 Winner: Rose Mary Guzman with Verve Mirabella, LCC

Rose Mary's property was hit hard from COVID like many others, but she took every step to make sure her residents felt like they were part of a community. She has hosted events, ensured every resident had a meal each day, but above that, ensured that the neighborhood was fed by encouraging staff to volunteer with the local food bank. Hear more from Steve Tennison, CEO of Verve Mirabella, LLC on the amazing things Rose Mary has done to help her community in the recording below.

"The kids at Mirabella got free school lunches until COVID-19 shut down the schools. When the Community of Faith Church offered to bring bag lunches to our kids, Rose Mary happily accepted. Before long, COF Church brought lunches for the whole property because THE ADULTS WERE HUNGRY TOO. When they brought us even more lunches, Rose Mary and her team delivered them to homes and businesses throughout the neighborhood." - Steve Tennison, CEO

Watch the recording