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EZR Management

EZR Management is a Memphis-based property management company specializing in HOA, residential and commercial services. Their former vendor’s poor integration with Caliber, EZR’s property management software, led them to carefully vet other online payment providers to find a better fit.

“Working with PayLease has definitely made our lives easier. What used to take us 80+ hours to reconcile now takes me under two hours.”

Ryan Edwards
President of EZR Management

The Challenge

When EZR Management implemented their first online payment solution through another vendor, they were excited about reducing the administrative work tied to processing HOA and rent payments. Unfortunately, the integration they were promised with Caliber, their property management software, was not as seamless as they’d hoped. “We were using another vendor, and they promised we’d have a smooth integration with Caliber, but I would not define it as a true integration. I had to manually import and export files between both programs,” said Ryan Edwards, President of EZR Management. Edwards also found that importing and exporting data frequently caused one or both of the programs to freeze up during the file transfer, making users restart the process all over. “It was redundant, annoying, and not much of a time saver.”

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