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S2 Capital

S2 Capital was founded in 2012 and is a vertically integrated multifamily company specializing in ownership, management, and construction. They have purchased and renovated over 25,000 units, creating a portfolio worth $3 billion. Recognizing renters’ growing interest in mobile and smart apartment technology, S2 saw an opportunity to differentiate their properties.

In this case we detail S2’s Smart tech journey from gauging resident interest to a gradual deployment strategy. Learn how they were able to increase the property value and resident satisfaction across their class C+ and B communities through the addition of Mobile and Smart tech.

“After a successful pilot and confirming resident demand for smart apartment technology, it’s a no-brainer to move forward with a portfolio-wide deployment. We consider it low hanging fruit to upgrade and evolve our properties. Plus, PayLease’s team has been great to work with.”

Scott Everett
Founder & Managing Partner of S2 Capital

The Challenge

When undertaking any renovation, S2 Capital is highly selective about investing in amenities that attract residents, add value, and refine on-site operations. Recognizing renters’ growing interest in smart apartment technology, S2 had previously implemented these devices at some of their properties. However, it was far from a seamless experience for both residents and on-site managers. They found that every device needed its own app to control, resulting in a clunky user experience. Afraid they were looking for a needle in a haystack, S2 began to search for a complete smart package that would allow residents to control each smart apartment device using one app. Furthermore, they wanted community staff to be able to remotely manage smart devices, enabling better access control and management of common areas and vacant units.

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