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How to reach 100% digital payments adoption at your communities

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With social distancing and a new generation of renters moving into multifamily communities, the transition towards digital resident experience management has never been more pressing. By eliminating paper-based rent payments and achieving 100% digital payments adoption, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring lower turnover and operating costs and significant time savings.

But achieving 100% digital payments adoption can seem daunting and cumbersome, so this webinar is designed to help you overcome the hurdles you may be facing. You will learn:

  • How payment collections have changed forever due to COVID
  • Why you should focus on collecting 100% digital rent payments
  • What are the steps to achieving 100% digital payments

Webinar Speakers

  • Zego

    Heath Bideau

    Client Success Director

  • Zego

    Chris Helmers

    Senior Account Manager

  • Zego

    Alex Moya

    Sales Engineer

Hear from our experts in our on-demand webinar

COVID has catapulted our industry towards digital. And while one day the pandemic will be over, these trends are everlasting.

Renter demographics are changing, resulting in greater demand for self-service, convenience, and technology. For instance, did you know that 62% of Gen Z renters consider apartment technology essential? That’s more than any previous generation.

Attracting a new generation of renters isn’t the only benefit to transitioning to 100% digital payments adoption. You may even be surprised to hear the benefits extend beyond residents themselves, too.

This webinar dives into the five foundational steps to reaching 100% digital payments adoption and clearly outlines what’s in it for you. We’ll share current data and real-world success stories from Zego™ customers, touching on:

  • Onsite staff change management and training
  • Resident onboarding
  • Alignment of resident incentives
  • Offering multiple payment options
  • Resident engagement & communication

Our research shows that paperless communities see a 65% decrease in time spent processing payments. So, by automating your payment collection processes, you could build over five hours back into your onsite manager’s day. Imagine how much your residents’ living experience could improve if your staff had more time to engage, delight, and serve them.

Check out our on-demand digital payments adoption webinar

Don’t miss your chance to learn how to reach 100% digital payment adoption in your communities.