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Why Companies Choose Zego vs. Mobile Doorman

Built as a mobile-first solution, Zego Engage connects your residents and staff through a comprehensive resident app that has enhanced features beyond just community engagement, such as native rent payments and smart package locker support. See how Zego compares to Mobile Doorman.

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All of your critical property and resident touchpoints covered

Zego Engage helps resolve all of the everyday challenges of apartment living. With our proven multifamily track record and a mobile app that includes native payments and more engagement features than competing solutions you’ll increase NOI while enabling happier staff and residents.


Accept payments through an all-in-one community-branded mobile app

Unlike Mobile Doorman, Zego Engage enables residents to make rent payments directly from your community branded app. Everything is at their fingertips - from managing payment methods to viewing payment history and accessing statements. Plus, we can work with you to combine utilities onto one property statement, allowing all charges to be paid at once and in one place. Our app is customizable, too, giving you the option to add chat, work order submissions, smart integrations, package notifications, and more.

Rest assured with our reliable multifamily track record

Unlike Mobile Doorman, Zego is a pioneer in the multifamily space with over 17 years of experience. We understand the unique needs of multifamily communities. And we’ve built our solutions to directly address those challenges.From our systems security to our seamless integrations with all major PMS systems and personalized support designed for multifamily, Zego has you covered. Plus, we are backed by long-term committed capital from Vista Equity Partners, so you never have to worry about our financing.

Delight residents with a more intuitive and customizable experience

Zego’s intuitive user interface simplifies communications with your residents, allowing them to choose their preferred communication method - email, texts, and/or in-app notifications. Whether your staff is marketing an upcoming event or managing ongoing operations like welcome notifications or lease renewals, our solution helps to simplify the process, saving you time and eliminating common frustrations.

A closer look at Zego Pay vs. Mobile Doorman

Why are we the leading alternative to Mobile Doorman? Zego Engage is a mobile-first resident engagement app that consolidates your tech stack into one place. With flexible payment options through our native payments platform, best-in-class customer and resident support, and the ability to add on a converged utility billing platform, Zego Engage is the clear choice.

 Zego EngageMobile Doorman
Enhanced resident app features
Native Payments Platform
Flexible payments platform with ACH, DC, CC, Cash Pay, and PayPal options

Requires an existing payment provider to be implemented at your property
Smart Package Locker support
Luxer One integration with support for text & QR code package notifications
Text package notifications only
24X7X365 online and phone support

Extensive how-to articles

AI assistant Millie to handle everyday requests
Email only support

Resident chat is in-app only, no SMS support
Scalability & Consolidation
Utility Billing & Expense Management
Option to add built-in utility billing platform and converged billing statements, all within the same app
Requires 3rd party provider
Native Smart Home Platform
Option to expand into Smart Home features, combined in a single app
Requires partnership with 3rd party vendor and separate app
Zego is backed by Vista Equity and has served the multifamily industry for 17 years
Founded in 2014 with Series A funding round

Zego goes above and beyond for you and your residents

With Zego, your residents not only get access to how-to articles through our online Knowledgebase, but they can also call our support team 24x7x365 for assistance. This enhanced level of support improves resident satisfaction and saves your staff time. Plus, we’ll give your team personalized strategic guidance that Mobile Doorman simply can’t match.

The standout features that delight residents & free up your staffs time

  • 100% paperless rent & utility payments in one app

    Unlike Mobile Doorman, we have a native payments platform. With secure mobile payment options for rent and utilities - all in one app - you’ll boost online rent payment utilization and resident satisfaction.

  • Smart package management integrations

    Manage your community’s packages in fewer steps. When you check-in packages using the Engage Admin App, residents receive notifications to pick them up. Unlike Mobile Doorman, Zego also has a LuxerOne integration, allowing residents to access smart lockers and view their package delivery histories directly within the Zego Engage app.

  • Work order management

    When residents submit work orders from their app, staff can easily access and update them via the Zego Engage Admin App or your property management software. Plus, with our real-time data integrations, there’s no need to input data across multiple platforms.

  • Amenity reservation & community feeds

    Allow residents to reserve time at the amenities they love most. Zego Engage shows which on-site amenities are available and enables residents to RSVP for upcoming events. Our engaging community feed also allows property managers to easily publish announcements to residents.

  • Digital marketplace services

    Showcase exclusive resident discounts to local services like restaurants, house cleaning, and dog walkers. These partnerships can help drive resident engagement and grow revenue.

  • Pet, vehicle, and visitor registration

    Stay on top of who is coming and going in the community with a a registration system that allows residents to request approval for visitors, pets, and vehicles.

See why customers prefer Zego Engage

  • "Now that we have Zego it separates us from other properties. We call Zego out on our website to differentiate. When people come in for a tour we show them the app and how it works, and share the marketing material we get from Zego to set ourselves apart.”

    - Nicolette Krall, Executive Manager, Ascent 430

Who We Help

6,000+ residential real estate companies trust, representing nearly 12 million units nationwide. We work with all portfolio types, including traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing and corporate housing, as well as property developers.


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