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Why Companies Choose Zego vs. Conservice®

Ready to automate the dreaded utility management process? Zego’s modern technology improves every aspect of utility accounts payable and resident utility billing. See how Zego compares to Conservice®.

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A more comprehensive, tech-forward utility management solution

Zego Utility Zego Engage helps you maximize recoupment and increase productivity with smarter workflows . We offer an unmatched utility expense management and billing experience, a modern resident app with mobile bill presentment and one-click payments, market-leading service and support, and seamless integrations that lower operating expenses and increase NOI.


Create a resident experience that makes everyone happier

When you bill residents for utilities, you want it to be hassle-free for everyone. Zego Utility delivers a superior utility expense management (UEM) and resident billing experience backed by established partnerships with Cass and Engie. Plus, we have world-class customer support and operate with a personal touch. Unlike Conservice®, we offer click-to-pay mobile bill presentment and online payment options, so you’ll get rent and utilities paid on time - and more accurately - every time.


Accomplish more with seamless integrations & strong partnerships

Zego partners with numerous PropTech and utility providers. And that means you get the widest array of integrations, allowing us to tailor UEM capabilities and offerings to your needs. Plus, we focus on comprehensive conservation with our smart apartment technology integrations, which deliver visibility into utility consumption and help optimize usage. On our platform, clients can lower their time spent managing resident billing by 70% and time spent on utility expense management by 50%. 

Drive utility costs down by eliminating late fees, errors, & utility theft

Through a combination of automated audit flags, in-person quality assurance reviews, and advanced features like our comprehensive e-billing enrollment program, Zego ensures your utility bills are paid accurately and on time. We also identify residents who have not put utilities in their names, uncovering opportunities to recoup even more expenses. Our customers see up to an 80% reduction in risks related to delinquent accounts and a 40% reduction in costs related to utility late fees and anomalies.

A closer look at Zego Utility vs. Conservice®

Why are we the leading alternative to Conservice®? Zego Utility helps with everything from invoice auditing to accounts payable and expense recovery, so you can maximize recoupment and improve NOI. With our best-in-class UEM and resident billing experience, a mobile resident app that converges rent and utility payments, and a consolidated tech stack offering for all your needs, Zego Utility is the clear choice.

 Zego UtilityConservice®

Mobile-first Resident Portal App

Yes, including native payments for utilities and rent, mobile utility bill presentment, work order management, property communications, and more!
Utility Analytics and Benchmarking
100% Digital Payments Program
Utility Expense Management
(backed by partnerships with Cass and Engie)

Utility Billing

Smart Apartment Offering
(contributes to your conservation program efforts with better visibility into utility usage)

Personalized support for all properties - no matter how big or small

Tired of Conservice® only focusing on the biggest property management companies? Whether you’re 200 units or 20,000 units, we care and have you covered. Our experts in utility management operations and regulations are here to help you make the most of your investment, regardless of property size. With over 17 years of multifamily experience, we tailor a utility strategy to your needs to help you maximize recoupment while minimizing risk.

The time and money-saving features that simplify utility management

  • Actionable insights dashboard

    Continually benchmark and optimize your portfolio’s utility usage. Our customizable reporting tools help you uncover insights like historical trends and cost and recovery across properties.

  • Clear & customizable resident statements

    Make it easier for residents to understand their charges. You can itemize property and utility balances on one simple comprehensive statement or provide a utility-only bill. Each statement also has a place for a customized message, giving you more ways to reach your residents.

  • Mobile bill presentment

    Give residents a seamless payment experience with the Zego mobile app. Statements are available to view and pay on residents’ smartphones.

  • Easy e-billing enrollment program & communications

    Boost digital payment collections and reduce payment delinquencies with our e-bills enrollment program. Plus, “click to pay” links on e-billing communications streamline make it easy for residents to pay digitally, so you can increase on-time paperless payments.

  • Editable resident pre-bills

    Empower approved associates to review and audit invoices. For instance, if a high bill is due to a repair issue, your staff can edit it without intervention from our support team.

  • Visible vacant unit charges & cost recovery options

    Gain maximum visibility and control with customizable cost recovery options, such as grace periods or tiered penalties.

See why customers prefer Zego Utility

“A big differentiator between Zego and their competitors is the guidance Zego provides about utility billing regulations. Utility regulations are very confusing and vary by property location. Zego takes the time to explain it all to us and also provides guidance on how to maximize recoupment rates for each property. We would not receive this level of guidance from other companies, so it was a big part of the decision to go with Zego.”

“Dealing with utilities, in particular, has been a drastic improvement because we now have full insight into that data. Recovering those costs from residents is more streamlined and has even led to more on-time payments because residents pay rent and utilities at the same time.”

Who We Help

6,000+ residential real estate companies trust, representing nearly 12 million units nationwide. We work with all portfolio types, including traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing and corporate housing, as well as property developers.


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