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Multifamily smart home solutions that elevate the resident experience

Equip your communities with a modern edge over the competition. Zego Smart™ connects residents with their home and empowers community managers with a unified resident experience management platform that gives them better control over property operations. Zego’s comprehensive smart apartment solutions platform is an effortless way to add the convenience of smart apartment technology to your communities. From installation to setup and ongoing management, we cover all the bases of smart apartment living.

Smart solutions designed for all multifamily communities

Whether you’re adding a new property, retrofitting an existing community, or developing from the ground up, Zego™ can accommodate your needs. Our flexible product and implementation packages work for any portfolio from multifamily apartments to student housing, corporate housing or single family homes. Our comprehensive solutions can make your properties smart in no time.

Delighted residents Rental credit reporting

Differentiate your property with smarter apartment solutions

  • Deliver an unparalleled resident experience with state-of-the-art smart apartment technology
  • Offer residents a comprehensive mobile app to manage the entire living experience
  • Enable residents to add their own smart devices with our flexible infrastructure

Free up time for your staff to focus more on what matters most

  • Expedite unit turnover processes by streamlining access control and enabling self-guided tours
  • Simplify vendor and guest access with expiring lock codes
  • Save time with app-based control of common areas and vacant units

Increase revenue and reduce operating expenses

  • Boost rental rates with desirable smart apartment technology packages
  • Reduce vacant unit energy costs with remote control and automation of in-unit devices
  • Avoid costly and unexpected repairs with preventative maintenance

Zego™ Smart ROI Calculator

How much can you increase NOI and portfolio value with Zego™ Smart?

- Units +

These estimates are calculated using assumptions based on broad and well-documented market averages, however individual property performance may differ and impact ROI outputs. Contact a Zego™ representative for help understanding how Zego™ Smart could benefit your specific property and/or portfolio.

Incremental property value
$ 123,345,677.00
Time to breakeven
Cumulative incremental NOI generated

Seamless smart apartment solutions the competition can’t match

  • A proven multifamily track record

    Multifamily companies have relied on Zego™ for 18+ years. Unlike the majority of our competitors whose existence is dependent on raising new rounds of venture funding every six to twelve months, we benefit from long-term committed capital. That means we’re around for the long haul to stay with you as your business grows.

  • You call the shots for roll-out and onboarding

    Ease into the smart apartment realm with a timeline that makes sense for your business. We allow for gradual deployments or portfolio-wide roll-outs. Whatever you decide, our full-service implementation team will take care of installation, training your staff, and providing educational material for residents, so the benefits of your new smart community are utilized right away. Learn more about creating smart apartments in your community.

  • One app to manage the entire living experience

    Smart provides residents with a single app to manage every aspect of their living experience. With the convenience of their smartphone, residents can control their unit’s smart devices, pay rent and utilities, submit and track work orders, communicate with their staff and their community, and even access resident-exclusive discounts at local businesses.

  • Enterprise-grade smart hubs that are secure and reliable

    Unlike many of our competitors, who utilize Raspberry Pi computer boards in their hubs (a technology intended for DIY solutions), our smart apartment solutions include a commercial grade smart hub that provides the highest security standards in the industry. Our hubs also easily connect to WiFi, including Zego's Property-wide WiFi, and come with backup cellular and battery capabilities.

  • Our hardware-agnostic approach keeps your investment from becoming obsolete

    Our hardware-agnostic approach to smart apartment living prevents smart units from becoming obsolete. Our smart apartment software integrates with Z-wave devices (which make up 70% of the smart home market) and are fully interoperable. That means you are not tied to a single manufacturer and will have the flexibility to implement best-in-breed home automation solutions.

  • A partner you can count on for service and support

    Having top-of-the-line IOT technology in your units is important, but your communities won’t reap the full benefits from it unless it is paired with world class service and support. At Zego™, we’ve been delivering the industry’s best service and support for over 18 years. We have award-winning customer and resident support teams you need to keep your staff and residents happy.

Implement multifamily smart home technology with ease

  • Maximum reliability

    Reliability is crucial for any technology you implement at your properties. That’s why our hubs offer WiFi and cellular capabilities as well as a battery backup. The hubs also seamlessly connect to our intelligent WiFi solution, designed specifically with today's connected multifamily communities in mind.

  • Broad selection of smart devices

    Our smart apartment software is flexible enough that it works with a vast array of smart devices. You’ll have a wide variety of options to choose from, but if you need guidance on picking what’s right for your community, we’ll gladly give you our two cents.

  • Admin app for managers

    An intuitive management portal automates drudge work for community staff. Instead of being physically present to manage vacant units, resolving lockouts, or granting vendors access to your building, community managers can control all of these tasks and more through the admin portal

How it works

1. Zego™ installs

We help you select a package of smart devices that best suits your needs and give you the option to pair them with our multifamily WiFi solution. From there, we handle all of the installation logistics, train your staff and attend to any ongoing questions you may have.

2. Residents enjoy

With our smart apartment software, residents enjoy the flexibility of a modernized home and control all of their smart devices through a single community-branded mobile app.

3. Workflows are simplified

Community managers use their management portal to resolve lockouts, issue access codes, and control lights and temperatures in vacant units - all without having to be there in person.

4. Communities thrive

Communities see an immediate increase in occupancy and rental rates while also building a smart infrastructure that can be built out over time.

  • “After a successful’s a no-brainer to move forward with a portfolio-wide deployment. We consider it low hanging fruit to upgrade and evolve our properties. Plus, Zego’s team has been great to work with.”

    Scott Everett
    Founder & Managing Partner of S2 Capital

It pays to be smart

Contact us to start making a difference at your properties.

The platform perks you get with
Zego™ Smart

Modern & intuitive user experience

Many Proptech platforms were built in a different era and come with clunky front-end user interfaces. Our Smart platform features a modern and highly intuitive user experience. The mobile-first resident experience management platform features simple and elegant workflows that allow your residents and staff to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Seamless integrations

With 18+ years of building and maintaining property management systems integrations, we provide the best integrations in the industry. Our seamless connections into your accounting software save your staff time and eliminate the need for manual workarounds.

World class service & support

We hang our hat on delivering personalized support and strategic guidance that you won’t find anywhere else. We are a four-time winner of the Stevie Award for Client Support and we offer 24x7x365 resident support. Our proactive Client Success Advocates provide best practices and recommendations to ensure you are getting full value from the platform.

Enterprise grade security

We know how important the security of your data is to your company and residents. Zego’s technology and internal processes greatly minimizes security risk. To be sure of this, we commission an annual SSAE18 review from an external security specialist. These security experts review our processes and confirm that we have the highest standards in place for controls, procedures, and processes.

We also adhere to a strict set of rules and best practices that are designed to protect and safeguard customer card data (PCI Level 1 Compliance). For sensitive data that flows through our system, we use 256-bit encryption, one of the most modern and secure encryption methods available.

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