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Property manager showing residents living unit and showcasing resident benefits package

A benefits package for residents that sets your community apart

Work with Zego to create a robust and competitive benefits package that attracts new renters and improves resident satisfaction. With our world-class suite of products and solutions, you can shine a spotlight on the perks of living in your community and automate critical workflows to make it effortless for staff to deliver the ultimate resident experience.

Take the first step towards curating a benefits package that wows your residents

A comprehensive benefits package for residents can help differentiate your community from the competition. Capitalize on a significant selling point for prospective renters and design your benefits package today!

The building blocks of a world-class resident benefit package

Design a benefits package that boosts satisfaction and attracts more prospects by giving residents key features that enhance their day-to-day living. And by giving residents a convenient mobile app to access, learn about, self-service, and take advantage of your community benefits, you'll stand out from your competition. Deepen relationships with your residents and enjoy more renewals by providing the benefits residents want. 

Modern Resident App

  • Mobile resident onboarding: Incoming residents enjoy a branded community app with access to key features like the Prepare Checklist before move-in.
  • Self-serve community living: Residents can get package notifications, submit and track the status of work orders, create virtual bulletin board posts and more all through their app.
  • Digital communications: Easily honor each resident’s preferred communication methods, improving satisfaction and engagement.

Comprehensive Payment Choices

  • Payment Options: Residents enjoy multiple payment options - including bank account, credit/debit card, cash, and check - which are all converted to digital payments to reduce your staff workload.
  • Flexible Rent Payments: You get paid in full and on time, while your residents gain the flexibility to pay rent in installments that work best with their budgets and cash flow. 
  • 24/7/365 Resident Support: Residents can access Zego's helpful support representatives to ask questions or pay via phone anytime, night or day.

Easy Access to Special Perks

  • Marketplace offers: Residents enjoy special offers and discounts on national and local services through the Zego Marketplace.
  • Reservable amenities: Amenities like the clubhouse and individual gym equipment can be viewed and reserved by residents within their Zego app.
  • Community events: Residents can view details on and RSVP to their community’s live and virtual events, increasing engagement with your community.

Financial Planning and Incentives

  • Credit Reporting Incentive: LevelCredit Reporting rewards on-time payments through Zego by enabling residents to build credit with their rent payments. Plus, residents can build their credit by enabling the reporting of historical rent payments as well. 
  • Variable AutoPay: Residents never have to worry about late fees with the convenience of AutoPay, even if the amount they owe changes each month. 
  • Renters Insurance: Protect residents belongings with Renters Insurance through Insurance by PayLease.

Delight residents and boost satisfaction by providing a stand out resident experience

Learn what other multifamily companies are doing to enhance the resident experience in their community. Based on survey data from over 600 property management companies, this free report details what it takes for multifamily operators to thrive in this unique era.
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Create your resident benefits package

Attract new residents and set your community apart with a benefits package that gives residents the modern features they crave. Speak to a Zego representative and start designing your package today!