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Property manager providing home tour with a property that has revenue protection suite, a product for property managers to protect their multifamily revenue for chargebacks, NSF's, and more.

More protection, more time saved

The Zego Pay Revenue Protection Suite offers added defense and safeguards against losses due to chargebacks, NSF returns, fraud, and errors. This powerful combination of automated features and value-added services covers all digital payments, including ACH/bank account, credit card and debit.

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Get a sneak peek into the magic behind multifamily revenue protection:

  • Authenticate Bank Accounts: authenticate your residents’ bank account information to eliminate data entry errors that lead to returns.
  • Verify Funds: Ensure on-time revenue and save residents from NSF fees with real-time balance verifications.
  • Win Chargebacks: Gain an experienced partner who fights on your behalf when chargebacks occur and no fund reversal unless a case is lost.

Customers see a 95% reduction in NSF returns & payment errors and a 82% win rate on chargebacks with Zego’s Revenue Protection Suite. How much could you be saving? Get your custom ROI calculation by speaking with a Zego rep today.

property managers use revenue protection tools for security. Zego's Revenue Protection Suite protects multifamily managers and owners from chargebacks, NSF's, and more

High standards, even higher security

The Zego Revenue Protection Suite goes above and beyond the already high standard level of protections embedded in Zego Pay, including:

  • Highest level of PCI Compliance (Level 1)
  • Two-factor authentication for staff users
  • Fraud and chargeback history checks on transactions
  • Card verification value confirmations

The building blocks of better revenue protection

Rooted in 20 years of real estate payments expertise, the Zego Revenue Protection Suite bolsters standard safeguards embedded in Zego Pay with four additional fraud and security protections.

revenue protection account connect icon

Account Connect

Reduce bank payment errors and returns when residents securely, quickly, and accurately connect accounts to Zego.

  • Automatically verify and ensure accuracy when residents add new bank accounts 
  • Eliminate manual data entry when residents easily and securely link bank accounts using their everyday credentials
  • Boost confidence with workflows powered by Plaid, a leading financial technology provider that is familiar to and trusted by residents
revenue protection chargeback defense icon

Chargeback Defense

Reduce the financial and operational costs associated with chargebacks.

  • Reduce credit card chargebacks with affordable fixed-fee debit card transaction options
  • Gain an experienced partner who fights on your behalf when chargebacks occur and no fund reversal unless a case is lost
  • Enjoy added protection in the rare instance a case is lost, as Zego absorbs part of the associated costs.
revenue protection balance verification icon

Balance Verification

Cut NSF returns when residents pay through Plaid-connected bank accounts.

  • Automatically enable residents to register bank accounts through Zego’s Plaid integration
  • Significantly reduce insufficient fund payment returns
  • Enjoy peace of mind as sufficient funds in the account are verified before payments are approved
revenue protection expert guidance and support icon

Expert Guidance & Support

Gain a trusted partner who has your back every step of the way.

  • Ensure money stays in your hands with support from Zego’s Payments Operations team, a tenured group of industry experts 
  • Receive a custom chargeback audit from with custom recommendations
  • Enjoy best practice guidance and documentation with simple steps to reduce frustrating returns
  • Zego is very user friendly both from the resident standpoint as well as the property manager side. It is a one stop shop for electronic payments and reduces the amount of foot traffic and paper checks we are required to deal with monthly.

    Cassie Larson
  • It is essential to offer residents numerous ways to pay their rent online. Zego makes this simple by offering numerous solutions. Our managers save time every month thanks to the products integration with our PM software.

    Bethany Wilson
    Perry Reid Properties
  • Zego is a streamlined payment and account source for both residents and staff. With its simple to use site, it leaves very little room for error resulting in happy patrons and employees. The quick view dashboard has all your information available in one fell swoop. Love this software!

    Heather Herman
    Systems Specialist at PEM Real Estate Group

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