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Improve the efficiency of your multifamily operations to maximize your on-site teams’ time and resources

Multifamily companies are facing a precarious balancing act: accomplish more with less, while delivering better value to renters. All the while producing healthy returns for investors, too. With fewer employees, risings costs, and pressure from renters companies simply can’t afford to do things as they’ve always been done. 

We wanted to know what operational tasks bog associates down the most and how companies are using technology to improve productivity. To accomplish this, we surveyed over 600 professionals about the efficiency of their multifamily operations. The research revealed two key findings:

1. Companies are spending too much time and money on tasks that can be automated.

2. More hours spent performing manual tasks correlates to higher staff turnover.

Beyond these two crucial revelations, this report presents a detailed analysis of the common trends we uncovered and provides recommendations for improving back-office operations and resident-focused operations. From fully automating rent collection to streamlining cumbersome workflow, you'll find opportunities to modernize your community and improve productivity. Unlock the potential for growth and achieve long-term success in a challenging industry. Start reading now!

Opportunities for improvement in multifamily

57% of respondents indicated that staff turnover has increased in the past year
1 in 4
1 in 4 say their work suffers because they don’t have helpful tools or technology to help them do their job
75% of respondents say that resident expectations have increased in the past year
Zego's 2023 Property Management Operations report analyzes how apartment operators are managing their community operations and identifies key opportunities for how to improve multifamily operational efficiency.

Optimize your property management operations

This comprehensive report offers a deep dive into the strategies and practices employed by property management operators in managing and automating processes and workflows within their communities. Discover how focusing on efficiency, staff retention, and investing in automation technology can revolutionize your property management operations.

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Boost operational efficiency and empower multifamily property managers with Zego

Zego’s property management operations technology lets companies automate the time-consuming tasks that burden community managers. Our platform seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems, enabling you to accomplish more with less effort. Gain portfolio-wide visibility and confidently make data-driven decisions that propel your property operations forward.

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