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Property technology for the communities you serve

Zego’s mobile-first platform gives property owners, operators, and community associations the tools to tackle their operational challenges and grow their business. Regardless of your role or how your portfolio is made up, our resident experience management solutions increase property performance and leave residents delighted. From payments and utilities, to communications and smart devices, everything is seamlessly integrated into the systems you rely on.

Our Clients

Property Managers

Zego™ automates many of the manual tasks that bog down on-site associates. Plus, our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents, ultimately improving their satisfaction with the community.
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Property Owners

Zego™ elevates portfolio NOI by minimizing operating expenses and offering high-tech amenities that boost rents.
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Property Developers

Zego™ works with property developers to differentiate their properties and achieve rent premiums by helping to select, install, connect, and support smart apartment devices. 

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Homeowner Associations

Zego™ gives homeowner and community associations the broadest range of digital payment options, helping to streamline dues collections.
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Read real Zego™ stories from customers just like you.

  • “After a successful pilot and confirming resident demand for smart home technology, it’s a no-brainer to move forward with a portfolio-wide deployment. We consider it low hanging fruit to upgrade and evolve our properties. Plus, Zego’s team has been great to work with.”

    Scott Everett
    Founder & Managing Partner of S2 Capital
  • "Zego makes sure we are maximizing recoupment while keeping us in line with billing regulations. Thanks to all those details, we collect more at the end of the day."

    Juan Leyva
    Acquisition Specialist at Wehner Multifamily
  • "Zego was able to fulfill each of our requirements. They integrate perfectly with our website software, our homeowners enjoy single sign-on and their 24/7 support is a huge convenience."

    Joseph Jordan
    Hammersmith Management Website Manager
  • "Using Zego payments, utility management and billing has made a world of difference for us. I wish we would have started using Zego sooner."

    Jennifer Howard
    Chief Financial Officer at Boutique Apartments

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Find out how Zego™ frees community associations and management companies to elevate the resident experience by helping to ease the friction, build connections, and make a difference.