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Residents in apartment of their multifamily building using utilities - Zego's utility expense management services help property managers recoup utility costs with smarter billing detection, vacant unit cost recovery, & more.

Automate the utility accounts payable process & gain profitable insights

The struggle is real if you manage your utility accounts payable in-house. But with Zego Utility Expense Management, we manage the entire process for you so your team can focus on higher priorities. Zego’s utility expense management services and technology eliminate utility billing errors and late fees and give you the portfolio-wide transparency you need to grow your business. Invoice and payment details are automatically integrated into your accounting software along with business intelligence reports, so you can track trends and identify opportunities for savings.

Enjoy faster & more accurate utility expense management

Streamline your utility accounts payable process & stop over-paying with Zego Utility Expense Management services for multifamily.

Overflow of utility bills in orange mailbox - with Zego's utility expense management services, it help property managers recoup utility costs with smarter billing detection, vacant unit cost recovery, & more.

Smart & automated AP workflows

  • Completely offload the time-consuming utility accounts payable process
  • Automate vacant unit cost recovery to catch every instance of utility theft
  • Invoice data integrates into accounting software, eliminating manual data entry
Exterior of multifamily building

Gain tighter control over utility expenses

  • Stop utility billing errors that cost you thousands of dollars per year
  • Keep accounts in good standing when invoices are continually paid on time
  • Get detailed reports and automatic notifications of anomalies
Residents viewing utility bills online with their laptop - Zego utility expense management services for multifamily helps property managers recoup utility costs with smarter billing detection, vacant unit cost recovery, & more.
Lowered Operating Expenses

Increase NOI & enjoy more profitable properties

  • Eliminate late fees and incorrect charges
  • Improve efficiency and savings by benchmarking utility spend across your portfolio
  • Recover money from utility theft and charge offending residents a penalty fee

A comprehensive multifamily utility audit program

Resident moving box into apartment
  • Smarter billing error and anomaly detection

    Thirty-eight percent of utility bills have an error in them. To make sure we catch every single one, we use a combination of automated triggers and personalized reviews to find things that are amiss.

  • Successful billing disputes

    Trying to rectify billing errors is time-consuming. And when you manage the entire utility AP process in-house, it’s tempting to let things slide. We have the time to fight your battles, and make sure every dispute comes with a fair resolution.

  • Automated utility theft monitoring

    We proactively identify residents who have not put utilities in their name and help you recover those costs. And to minimize the financial impact, we notify you about delinquencies within a day– versus weeks or months – of each utility’s new billing cycle. Our platform lets you customize grace periods, billing parameters (by unit, utility type, etc.) and penalties for repeat offenders.

Residents sitting in living room of apartment - for multifamily property managers, Zego’s resident utility billing platform helps property managers recover utility expenses and boost collections through a streamlined resident billing process.

How utility expense management works

Group of HOA icon - Zego gives homeowner and community associations the broadest range of digital payment options, helping to streamline HOA dues collections.

1. We obtain your utility invoices

We auto-retrieve each property’s utility invoices from your providers.

2. We review & audit

Invoice by invoice, we audit everything for accuracy. Any errors we find we will resolve on your behalf with the utility provider.

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3. We pay & integrate

We pay your invoices on time and in full. Invoice details are integrated into your accounting software.

4. Communities thrive

Clients have seen a 90% reduction in the time spent processing utility bills, and have cut late fees and billing errors by 50%.

Virtually effortless utility expense management

  • Automatic digital invoice receipt

    No need to forward us your invoices. We digitally acquire each one. We keep tabs on what’s been received, and proactively track down ones that are missing.

  • Auditing & resolution disputes

    We go through each invoice line by line, searching for possible errors. And if needed, we dispute any errors on your behalf.

  • On-time payments

    Each invoice is paid on time so no late fees are accumulated.

  • Seamless integrations

    Invoice information populates directly into your management software, giving you full visibility into utility charges and payments.

  • Reporting and benchmarking

    Detailed reports let you benchmark how your properties’ utility consumption and spend compares to other multifamily portfolios.

  • Energy supply management

    Simplify and streamline Energy Star and conservation reporting.

Welcome to your Zego Utility portfolio insights dashboard

When you know better, you work better. Our Portfolio Insights Dashboard gives you instant insights into your properties’ utility spend and recoupment metrics so you can reduce operating expenses and increase revenue. Benchmark property and portfolio performance, identify trends, and pinpoint anomalies with the help of our built-in business intelligence and reporting platform.

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Enhanced vacant unit cost recovery

Residents don’t always transfer utility services into their name in a timely manner. And sometimes it takes property management companies months to realize they are footing someone else’s bill. Our vacant unit cost recovery system automatically ties together occupancy information and utility bills, so we can catch opportunities to recover un-recouped utility expenses.

Quickly identify vacant cost theft:

Identify and bill residents who have not put utilities in their name.

NOI money icon - Zego improves cash flow and allows faster funding

Recover utility costs and penalties:

Recover “vacant unit” utilities expenses and associated penalties.

Customized penalty periods and fees:

Customize grace periods, billing parameters (by unit, utility type, etc.) and penalties for repeat offenders.

Who we help

No matter what type of portfolio you have - multifamily, single family HOA, student, manufactured, or corporate housing - Zego’s Expense Management frees you from collecting and paying your properties’ utility bills.

Reviews from our users

  • They Are Part Of Our Team

    Zego is awesome and handles all of our payment processing, billing, and even submetering all of the utilities for all 6 of our apartment communities [2,000 units]. Zego audited our bills and found ways for us to save money and bill back to our residents more efficiently. Now we're making more money and I have more time in my day to work on more important resident facing issues.

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  • Zego is the best payment and utility partner!

    They get our money to us quickly for great cash flow. They have increased our profit using their utility monitoring, which has increased our recovery rate. They are always available to help with a problem and offer solutions.

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  • Big Part of Our Team!

    We recently began using [Zego] for our utility billing, which has been wildly successful. Our residents love the new statements, and we've found that their system is a lot less error-prone than others we have used.

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  • Easy System to Use, Integrates Well

    The integration of this billing software has saved a tremendous amount of time for property managers. Any type of program that can alleviate work load for a manager is key. [...] It is easy for both managers and residents to understand.

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The platform perks you get with Zego Utility Expense Management

Resident enjoying Zego platform, a property management automation platform that features simple and clean workflows that help residents and staff to complete tasks efficiently.

Modern & intuitive user experience

Many proptech platforms were built in a different era and come with clunky front-end user interfaces. Zego’s Utility Expense Management platform features a modern and highly intuitive user experience with elegant workflows that automate utility tasks for your staff.

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World-class service & support

We hang our hat on delivering personalized support and strategic guidance that you won’t find anywhere else. We are a four-time winner of the Stevie Award for Client Support, and we offer 24x7x365 resident support. Our proactive Client Success Advocates provide best practices and recommendations to ensure you are getting full value from the platform.

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Resident in apartment using thermostat

Seamless integrations

With 20 years of building and maintaining property management systems integrations, we provide the best integrations in the industry. Our seamless connections into your accounting software save your staff time and eliminate the need for manual workarounds.

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Enterprise grade security

We know how important the security of your data is to your company and residents. Zego’s technology and internal processes greatly minimizes security risk. To be sure of this, we commission an annual SSAE18 review from an external security specialist. These security experts review our processes and confirm that we have the highest standards in place for controls, procedures, and processes.

We also adhere to a strict set of rules and best practices that are designed to protect and safeguard customer card data (PCI Compliance). For sensitive data that flows through our system, we use 256-bit encryption, one of the most modern and secure encryption methods available.

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Chat with a Zego expert

Become another Zego success story with our property management automation technology that simplifies cumbersome utility expense management workflows and accelerates NOI. See how with a customized demo.

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