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empty apartment using vacant unit cost recovery for utilities. With Zego, boost cash flow and NOI with automated vacant unit cost recovery.

Recoup more utility costs from vacant units

Zego offers Vacant Cost Recovery services as part of a comprehensive utility management solution, saving your properties time and money. By bringing together unit occupancy and utility bill data, we automatically identify opportunities to recoup more vacant utility expenses.

Stop utility theft at your properties

When new residents fail to transfer utilities into their names, your bottom line takes a hit. Tracking this information is cumbersome, so you may be paying new residents' utility bills for months. Stop utility theft at your properties today with Zego Utility.

A safety net for vacant unit utility expenses

  • Automated vacant bill identification

    Zego compares your occupancy files and utility bills to identify overlaps.

  • Resident utility billing

    Invoices are generated for residents who have not transferred bills to their name.

  • Bill review

    View prebill charges and any associated VCR fees prior to sending statements.

  • Customized settings

    Set your own grace periods, VCR penalty fee cadences, and repeat offender penalties.

  • Insights & analytics

    Use Zego Utility Insights to track vacant cost recovery expenses across properties and share best practices to maximize recoupment.

Automate vacant cost recovery

Simplify the cost recovery process for your vacant units.

Boost your bottom line

Add back vacant unit costs and associated fees where allowable.

Enhance resident experience

Delight residents with customization and editing capabilities in your control.

multifamily apartment building
Zego Utility

Comprehensive utility solutions for multifamily

From recouping resident utility costs to automating accounts payables, Zego Utility saves you time while growing your NOI. Find out how Vacant Cost Recovery fits into the whole solution. 

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Start recouping more today

Protect your NOI and improve cash flow by eliminating utility theft at your properties with our Vacant Unit Cost Recovery services.

Find out how we can help you quickly identify vacant cost theft and recover more. Request a customized demo today.

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