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Screenshot of Zego's rental credit reporting feature

Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting

With Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting, you can offer residents a unique benefit when they pay rent online. Residents simply opt-in to LevelCredit to automatically have rent payments reported to credit bureaus by LevelCredit and build credit from those payments.

Providing rent payment credit reporting can also help you attract and retain more responsible residents. It's a win-win for all.

Start saving time & improving cash flow with rental credit reporting

Contact us to learn more about Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting and the benefits to you and your residents.

Why residents love building credit by paying rent

  • Easily build credit without debt:

    Residents can build their credit histories by automatically reporting rent payments they make.

  • Get a leg up on future plans:

    Residents can work towards improving their credit scores and reaching financial goals with greater access to lower interest rates for car and home loans.

  • Enjoy a unique (and free) community benefit:

    Residents can report rent to credit bureaus at no additional cost.

Zego Pay LevelCredit Lookback

Residents may choose to take advantage of the Zego™ Pay LevelCredit Lookback feature that automatically detects previous payments made through Zego Pay for up to two years on the same lease. Reported in bulk, this allows residents to benefit from their prior payments history if desired, for a one-time fee.

Are you a resident that has questions about how rental credit reporting works? Visit our FAQ page.

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How Zego Pay LevelCredit Reporting works

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1. Residents opt in

Residents can opt-in with LevelCredit through the Zego Pay platform at no additional cost.

2. Rent payments are reported

All rent payments made through the Zego Pay platform (ACH, credit, debit, digital wallet, CashPay) are automatically reported to two of the three credit bureaus by LevelCredit.

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3. Residents can build their credit

Help your residents achieve their financial goals, and attract and retain responsible residents with this valuable benefit.

Icon of buildings - Zego automates many of the manual tasks that bog down on-site associates. Plus, our tools make it easier to communicate and engage with residents, ultimately improving resident satisfaction with your community.

4. Communities thrive

By encouraging residents to pay online and on time, you improve cash flow, reduce delinquencies and give valuable time back to your staff!

Why property managers should offer rental credit reporting

  • Stand out amongst competitors:

    Differentiate your community with rental credit reporting, which helps you attract and retain responsible residents. Research by TransUnion shows that 67% of renters would choose the apartment with rental payment credit reporting in place when selecting between identical apartments.

  • Save time:

    Reduce manual paper processing when more residents pay rent online. Research by TransUnion also shows that 73% of renters would be more likely to make on-time rent payments if property managers reported rent payments to credit bureaus.

  • Improve cash flow:

    Reduce delinquencies with a unique community benefit that encourages on-time rent payments online.

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Please note that legacy Zego™ Credit Reporting clients are being transitioned to LevelCredit in phases. Zego™ will continue to report your resident’s rent payments until you are transitioned to LevelCredit Reporting. If you have any questions about your account please contact our support team.