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A win-win for property managers and residents

For properties that work with Zego Pay, residents may choose to have rent-related payments applied to their credit history, empowering them to build their credit with rent payments and enabling managers to differentiate their property. Zego Credit Reporting shares a resident’s rent-related payments with Experian RentBureau® and TransUnion®, which are used by various types of credit-granting institutions such as banks, auto finance companies and telecommunications providers. Only positive, on-time rental payment data is submitted. This is an important distinction, as it’s a powerful incentive and draw for responsible, reliable tenants. Zego Credit Reporting is a win-win for residents and property managers, and is available as a free service.

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Why residents love it

  • Residents can build their credit history and potentially improve their credit score without taking on additional debt

  • Having a positive credit history and a high credit score has many benefits including the opportunity to get loans with lower interest rates, higher chances of getting approved for a car or home loan, and an easier time in getting rental housing

Why property managers love it

  • Credit Reporting is a differentiating feature for a property and attracts responsible residents

  • Cash flow is improved thanks to the on-time payment incentive for residents

  • Staff saves time when more residents pay online to take advantage of credit reporting

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