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Residents enjoying community pool organized by multifamily marketing staff member

Your brand, your community app

Your community app needs to work just as hard for your multifamily marketing team as it does for your residents. With Zego Mobile Doorman, marketers can build brand loyalty and boost resident engagement with a user-friendly mobile app tailored to your property. With features designed to welcome incoming residents and engage existing residents, you’ll attract more prospects, boost resident satisfaction, and enjoy more renewals.

Maximize your property management marketing efforts with clever automation

Elevate your brand with a customizable community app that engages residents throughout the renter lifecycle. Your community will stand out from the crowd with a mobile app uniquely branded to each property. 

  • Branded to your property

    Your app is branded for your property, giving residents a sense of comfort, familiarity, and pride in your community.

  • Modern user interface

    Sleek and intuitive, Zego helps you send the right message to incoming and existing residents.

  • Customizable to your needs

    Use custom homepage content tiles with pictures and text to highlight specific events, activities, and more on the home page.


Multifamily Property Marketing for the Resident Experience Revolution

Explore property marketing trends impacting the industry and learn how to create a multifamily marketing plan for the prospect-to-resident experience.
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Engage with residents throughout their lifecycle

A multifamily marketer's job doesn’t end when a prospect signs a lease. Engaging residents in meaningful ways throughout their stay in your community builds brand loyalty and helps with acquisition. Give residents a unique and powerful way to interact with your team and their neighbors, and start boosting satisfaction, renewals, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Make app usage easy

Get residents engaged with your app even before they move-in with unique features like the Prepare Checklist, which simplifies the move process with automated communications.

Personalize messages

Use real-time and scheduled messaging to promote community benefits like events and amenities, so that more residents know about and enjoy them.

Gather feedback

Deploy surveys and encourage reviews to get the feedback you need and grow brand awareness and reputation.

A resident app that makes your community shine

Deliver an outstanding experience for prospects and residents with a modern mobile app that is branded and customized for your unique community. Zego Mobile Doorman grows brand awareness and cultivates loyalty in your community.

Get more out of your marketing efforts with deep insights

Continually improve your multifamily marketing performance with powerful insights into resident app usage and behaviors. Use data from Zego Mobile Doorman to make more informed decisions and improve the resident experience. 

Resident Insights Dashboard
  • Track engagement

    Track attendees, responses, and other actions within the app to see which programs work and boost resident engagement.

  • Benchmark performance

    Benchmark activities across successful properties to run more successful marketing campaigns at your properties.

  • Quantify your impact

    Use data to demonstrate the impact of your marketing programs.

Your go-to toolkit for multifamily marketing

  • Property-Branded App

    Benefit from a fully customized app that reflects the unique branding of your property or portfolio.

  • Community Messaging

    Strengthen your digital connection with residents using real-time and automated messaging capabilities pushed straight to their mobile phones.

  • Satisfaction Surveys

    Receive feedback and answers to custom & targeted questions, pushed directly to residents’ phones.

  • Resident Benefits Package

    Design a resident benefits package that sets your community apart from your competitors.

  • Staff-enablement Training and Tools

    Give staff the tools they need to stay up-to-date on technology and new training.

  • Events Management

    Enable residents to view and RSVP for upcoming events from their mobile app.

  • Customizable Home Page Tiles

    Showcase building-related initiatives, links, integrations, documents and more using fully customizable content tiles on the app’s home screen.

  • Bulletin Board

    Provide residents a controlled platform to post about upcoming events, services, and items for sale.

  • Interactive Marketplace

    Offer exclusive resident promotions and discounts, through an interactive marketplace panel.

  • Resident Engagement Dashboard and Data

    Drive resident retention and improve portfolio-wide performance with meaningful insights

Amplify your marketing efforts

Empower your property management marketing team, connect your community, and boost resident retention with a valuable automation platform backed by expert guidance and personalized support. See how with a customized demo of Zego Mobile Doorman.