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College kids moving into their student housing property. Zego’s student housing property management software is built to meet the unique needs of by-the-bed leasing, yearly turns, and mass move-outs.

Student housing software with powerful workflow automations that save time & money

We understand that managing a student housing property management portfolio comes with its own set of complex challenges. From individual liability leases and mass move-in/out schedules, to managing separate guarantors and allocating utility expenses equitably by the bed, Zego's student housing property management software helps to simplify and automate the specialized workflows on which your business relies. That means your staff saves time, your students and guarantors stay happier, and you boost your bottom line in the process.

Zego for student housing property management

We know a cookie-cutter approach won’t fit all university housing environments. That's why we work with clients to meet their unique needs, whether that’s ensuring a seamless integration with your student housing tech stack, offering tools to help you better manage hectic times like turns, or supporting your students 24x7x365.

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Student housing management software solutions built for modern student living communities

Accelerate cash flow & dramatically simplify operations with a suite of property management technology solutions tailored for student housing operators.

Automated Mass Move-Out Calculator

Student utility billing and move-outs are simplified with an automated mass-move-out calculator that calculates final utility charges for a group of students, posts to your ledger, and generates the bill on your behalf at the end of the lease term.

Flexible Payment and Autopay Options

Zego’s Variable Autopay automatically adjusts for changing amounts and pays the specific balance due, giving students and guarantors peace of mind. Plus, help students manage their unique income streams while ensuring you’re paid in-full and on-time with Flexible Rent Payments.

World-class client and student support

Zego not only offers support and strategic guidance for your staff but our 24x7x365 resident support team is also there for your students - night and day.

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Find out how Zego powers the student housing industry with workflow automation for property managers that eases friction, builds connections, and enables all stakeholders to prosper together.

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