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Automate the dreaded tasks that consume community managers

Refocus your community managers’ attention away from administrative tasks and onto resident retention and satisfaction. Zego™ automates and improves apartment-related tasks that traditionally cause friction between residents and community managers. Thanks to better workflows, intuitive self-service options for residents, more transparent communication tools, you’ll retain (and attract) more residents and employees.

Zego™ for property managers

Zego is a property technology company that creates resident experience management tools to help you go above and beyond for the communities that rely on you. We’re evolving with the residential landscape, offering solutions that help you organize, communicate and stay proactive.

We streamline your most challenging processes so you can focus on surpassing your goals and your residents’ expectations.

Our solutions are designed to increase operational efficiency and foster a sense of community amongst your residents.

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  • "Zego™ makes sure we are maximizing recoupment while keeping us in line with billing regulations. Thanks to all those details, we collect more at the end of they day"

    Juan Leyva
    Acquisition Specialist at Wehner Multifamily
  • "Using Zego™ payments, utility management and billing has made a world of difference for us. I wish we would have started using Zego sooner."

    Jennifer Howard
    Chief Financial Officer at Boutique Apartments
  • "I would estimate at least 80% of our tenants have used Zego™ at least once. It is so much easier than writing a check and adoption has grown considerably within our tenant base. Zego makes our lives so much easier."

    Mary Francis
    Collection Manager

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Find out how Zego™ frees property management companies to elevate the resident experience by helping to ease the friction, build connections, and make a difference. See how with a customized demo.