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Exterior of student housing dorm - you can automate, simplify, and save with utility management services for student housing with Zego Utility software.

Save time and money for your student housing portfolio

Ensuring that students pay their fair share of utility costs is essential to preserve your bottom line, but it's not easy. Common challenges include allocating expenses equitably, generating bills, and tracking vacant room costs. Add to that the burden of managing utility accounts payable across your portfolio and the thousands of bills that must be received, reviewed and paid. All of these activities put a strain on your team - and now they can be automated.

See how Zego's utility management services for student housing makes a difference

Zego's student housing utility management software helps you boost recovery rates, improve accuracy, and gain visibility into portfolio-wide performance. By offloading the utility management burden, your staff can focus on what matters most for your business.

Interior of student housing dorm with students - you can automate, simplify, and save with utility management services for student housing with Zego Utility software.

Offload the entire student housing utility management process

Zego’s comprehensive utility management solution is ideal for student housing. We not only offload the burden of utility accounts payable but also help you recoup costs and better manage your bottom line. 

We know that a cookie-cutter approach might not fit all student housing environments. That's why we work with clients to meet their unique needs, whether that’s ensuring we seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, offering tools to better manage hectic times like move-outs, or supporting your students 24x7x365.

Recoup costs with Student Utility Billing

Allocating utility costs for students is onerous and complicated, and each community is different. Zego's utility management for student housing helps you maximize recoupment, minimize risks, and ease the burden on your teams.

  • What Zego does for you:

    • Utility costs are allocated to students equitably, with adjustments made for per-bed billing as needed
    • Allowances and caps on billing are considered
    • Convergent bills are generated including both detailed housing and utility fees, making payments easier
    • E-billing programs encourage students to receive and pay statements online, leading to faster payments
    • Move-outs are simplified with automated mass-move-out calculator that calculates final utility charges for a group of students, posts to your ledger, and generates the bill on your behalf
  • The end result:

    • Recoup utility costs and improve your bottom line
    • Increase conservation when students pay their fair share
    • Improve on-time payment rates with e-billing tools
    • Simplify move-outs with automated and mass move-out calculator functionality

Save time and money with Utility Expense Management

Receiving and paying hundreds of utility bills at a student housing property is no easy feat. Let alone auditing each bill to ensure you weren’t billed for something in error. Zego's Utility Expense Management for student housing removes the entire burden from the shoulders of your team. We receive the bills on your behalf, carefully audit them for accuracy, and pay the accurate charges on time so you don’t have to worry.

  • What Zego does for you:

    • Zego auto-retrieves your utility bills, removing that clutter from your inbox
    • Bills are thoroughly audited and exceptions are resolved on your behalf
    • Utility bills are paid on time and accurately
    • Vacant cost recovery (VCR) functionality automatically brings together unit occupancy and utility bill data to help recoup vacant utility expenses
    • Unique VCR options such as grace periods and tiered penalties enable you to customize this solution to your needs
  • The end result:

    • Clear your inbox of the stress of hundreds of utility bills
    • Reduce pesky late fees
    • Save money by ensuring you’re paying only what you owe and not for any erroneous charges
    • Boost your bottom line when students pay what they owe with vacant cost recovery

Make smarter decisions with Utility Intelligence

Utilities are one of your largest costs in a student housing portfolio, but it’s difficult to make sense of the mountain of data to make any optimizations. Zego’s Utility Intelligence platform gives you valuable, clear insights into your properties’ utility usage, recoupment rates, and portfolio trends. A customizable dashboard, in-depth reports, and user-friendly charges help you make data-driven decisions to better manage your portfolio.

  • What Zego does for you:

    • Benchmark utility expenses and recoupment rates across individual student housing properties, your entire portfolio, or for certain timeframes
    • Automated alerts notify you of utility anomalies like high submeter usage, so you can take corrective action quickly when needed
    • Comprehensive reports cover critical queries like utility usage, recoupment, and vacant cost recovery
    • Save key reports and schedule automated sharing with stakeholders to keep everyone in-the-know and save you time
  • The end result:

    • Pinpoint cost saving opportunities
    • Reduce waste and fix issues proactively
    • Identify well-performing areas and replicate to improve processes throughout your portfolio
    • Get and share easy visibility into one of your highest expense areas

Welcome to your comprehensive utility management software for student housing

Zego is uniquely positioned to simplify your operations, empower your staff, and support your student housing portfolio with modern technology, unparalleled support, and a full suite of services for utility management.

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Best-in-class software integrations

Zego’s integrations with leading property management software are unmatched in the industry. We also understand that each student housing portfolio is different and pride ourselves on working with our clients to fit your needs.

Zego Utility icon - Zego Utility maximizes recoupment and saves time with the most comprehensive multifamily utility management solution. Automate the entire utility management process from accounts payable to resident billing.

Unique technology and automation features

From utility bill auto-retrieval to our automated mass move-out calculator, Zego’s unique features simplify the end-to-end utility management process.

World-class client and resident support

You need support for your team and your students; Zego not only offers support and strategic guidance for your staff but our 24x7x365 resident support team is also there for your students - night and day.

Mobile Doorman Icon - Zego Mobile Doorman simplifies property management operations by automating common on-site workflows like rent payment processing, work order management, and resident renewals. Our resident experience management app enables residents to quickly self-service daily tasks while building deeper and more delightful connections with their community.

Full product suite for student housing

To truly streamline your student housing operations and the resident experience, pair Zego’s Utility Management solutions with our online payments and resident experience app.

Learn more about our utility management services for student housing

Become another Zego success story with our property management automation technology that simplifies cumbersome student housing utility workflows and accelerates NOI. See how with a customized demo.

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