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Zego’s property management automation software simplifies cumbersome yet critical workflows for managers and associations. From payments and utility management to resident engagement, our workflow automations seamlessly integrate with leading property management systems, ensuring you have real-time and accurate insights at your fingertips.

At Zego, we aren’t just evolving the residential real estate industry. We’re raising the standards for work life, too. Because when your team consists of the most exceptional people around, being an ordinary workplace simply won’t do. That’s why we’ve created a culture where bright, motivated and fun-loving people thrive. If working in an energizing environment with awesome teammates, challenging work, and plentiful opportunities for advancement sounds appealing to you, we think you’ll fit right in.

Explore Career Opportunities at Zego

We're looking for the best and the brightest talent to build, market, deliver, and ensure success with our leading property management automation solutions. Explore opportunities at Zego today!

Zego perks can't be beat

We offer all the standard benefits you'll get at other companies, like health/dental/vision insurance, paid time off, 401K matches, life insurance, and flexible spending accounts. But there are a number of ways we go above and beyond for our employees with unique perks that keep you happy, healthy, and inspired.

  • Flexible Work & Hours: We embrace the future of work and follow a hybrid work (home & on-site) model, allowing flexibility and balance while implementing the strictest health and safety measures while on-site.
  • Parental & Caregiver Leave: Expanding your family is a little bit easier with paid parental, foster care, adoption, and caregiver leave. Our Adoption Assistance Program also offers eligible Zegonauts financial assistance to make their dreams a reality.
  • Fertility Support: Our Family Building Benefit includes IVF, prescriptions, and surrogacy support for qualified team members.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan: Fortune 500 rankings have their privileges, and as a Zegonaut you'll have the opportunity to purchase Global Payments (NYSE: GPN) stock at a discounted rate 4 times a year. 
  • Continued Education Support: Want to complete your degree or pursue a Masters or PhD? Our Educational Assistance Program provides annual partial reimbursements.
  • Mental Health & Wellness: We offer resources and programming to ensure you take time for your personal mental and emotional well being.
  • Employee Discounts: No more paying full retail prices for fitness clubs, child care, and thousands of other name-brand products and services!
  • Manager Training Program: Zego has an extensive manager training program for all People Leaders including: hiring manager training, performance management, diversity, equity and inclusion training, situational leadership, and more!
  • Incentive Program: Many Zegonauts are eligible for our Incentive Plan and opportunities to earn additional incentive dollars to their annual compensation.
  • Employee Resource Groups: Our inclusive culture encourages and celebrates diversity. Our Zego Resource Groups and a D&I Steering Committee focused on creating safe places for ALL Zegonauts to bond, share experiences, and impact meaningful change within and outside of Zego!

Our Values

As a fast-growing company, we continually embrace change. But one thing that stays constant is our values that guide us with every decision we make. We look for people who embody these values.

The Spirit of Yes

We’re proactive, have “can-do” attitudes, and are committed to creating success for our team and that of our clients.

The Power of We

Teamwork underpins everything we do. We’re respectful, collaborative, and dependable so we can achieve great things together.

The I in Win

We believe in having a strong sense of ownership, taking initiative, and empowering others to do the same.

Zego Ambassador Award

This award is to celebrate Zegonauts who truly embody our mission of easing friction, fostering connections, and empowering all stakeholders to thrive together. Take a look at this month's champion.

  • Robert Desotelle

    Robert has seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role within Zego's Utility team. He is a critical liaison between the product and operations team. Robert consistently simplifies the complex processes of utilities, making them understandable for all Zegonauts. We're honored to have Robert as a part of the Zego team.


    As the heart and soul of our Learning and Development team, Ariana brings warmth and excitement to new hire onboarding, making everyone feel welcome. Beyond onboarding, she leads ongoing education and product training, contributing significantly to the development of our employees' knowledge and skills. Her efforts bring tremendous value to the Zego organization.


    Under the leadership of Jeffrey, he and his team consistently excel in delivering the highest quality software for Zego and our users. Jeffrey is dedicated to the well being and growth of all of his team members. He is a great asset to the Zego team and we are grateful for Jeffrey's commitment to Zego's mission.

  • Saubhik Mandal

    Saubhik is a great leader that has been working on different technologies within the company He always steps in when needed by other Zegonauts. Saubhik truly embodies the meaning of the Zego Ambassador Award and we are thankful to have him as a part of the Zego team.

  • Aleem Khan

    Aleem is a truly phenomenal leader and is instrumental in his team's development. His dedication, innovative thinking, and exceptional work on the Utility side shine through with his team's success. We are grateful for Aleem's commitment to Zego's mission.

  • Garrett Skyhardt

    Garrett effortlessly represents all three traits of the Zego Ambassador Award. His dedication to streamlining the Operations team and going the extra mile has cultivated an environment of collaboration and support. Garrett brings tremendous value to the Zego organization.

  • Neil Keane

    Neil embodies everything Zego strives to be. He is always ready to assist with any situation and proves to be an exceptional team member to collaborate with. Neil exudes an excellent attitude and is an invaluable addition to the Zego team.

  • Sammy Visconti

    Sammy is a true team player. He is always willing to help out other Zegonauts whether it is troubleshooting through issues that arise or brainstorming different ideas with team members in different departments. Sammy has proven to be a true asset to the Zego team.

  • Sara Stefanelli

    Sara is the embodiment of how Zego can achieve our mission. She provides other Zegonauts with everything they come to her with, always providing exceptional help and expertise. Sara is a true professional and a delight to the Zego organization as a team member.

  • James (Jimbo) Schultz

    Jimbo is the ultimate team player and is someone who always provides a helping hand. He never hesitates to offer his time, support, or knowledge. Jimbo is full of patience and encouragement for his peers and is a resource for anyone who needs it.

Recognition & Accolades

We believe in going over-the-top in excellence.

Zego has been recognized as one of the top places that caters to the multifamily industry.

Zego is proud to be recognized as one of the nation’s best places to work for millennials.

Zego ranked in the medium-sized companies category, which is defined as places with 50-249 employees.

Great spaces in great places

  • San Diego

    Zego's brand new HQ office is located in the heart of San Diego. We're surrounded by technological innovation as well as a slew of culturally diverse restaurants and San Diego's well-known craft beer scene. Best of all, our office features a team of amazing people who love to work hard and play hard, making Zego a fantastic place to grow your career.

Zego™ participates in E-Verify. Details in English and Spanish.