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Property owners looking at tablet featuring Zego, a property management workflow automation software

Increase NOI and property values across your portfolio

As a property owner, you’re focused on minimizing operating expenses and increasing revenue. Zego’s property management automation platform helps you achieve both of those goals while effortlessly increasing staff productivity and delivering the ultimate resident experience.

Zego for property owners

Zego's property management workflow automation technology has been purposefully built to delight staff and residents, helping your property to become more desirable, efficient, and profitable.

We’re evolving with the residential landscape, offering solutions that align with owners’ needs and residents’ aspirations.

Find out how our property management workflow automation technology and services can streamline your most cumbersome processes, so your staff has more time to focus on growing demand for your assets.

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Reviews from our users

  • Best affordable option for property owners

    We are very impressed by the customer support. As for the benefits of this, it's majorly impacting the real time reporting with its payment integration. [Zego is] very customizable to suit every owner and / or management company. The best customer support and onboarding team.

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  • Run don't walk to Zego's suite of products

    My nearly 15 year experience with Zego products has been overwhelmingly positive. I find their team to be interested in customer feedback, concerns and recommendations to help drive innovation and product development.

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  • Big Part of Our Team!

    [Zego] works with you to ensure their products are a success on your platform and help implement and train your team to use their services to the best of their abilities. [Zego] has always been transparent in their service offerings, flexible to meet our needs, and just made our lives so much easier.

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  • Great Products and Service

    I love the ease of use of the products we use and the level of customer service when help is needed. The resident payment software and the ability to connect with other members are great.

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  • Great Time and Money Saving Resources

    The level of automation which [Zego] helps take so much off the plates of the team is beyond helpful, great customer service and well thought out and built programs.

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Zego’s property management workflow automation tools can help your property become more appealing, efficient, and profitable. See how by requesting a customized demo.

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