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Residents enjoying property-wide WiFi and the connected living experience

Increase NOI and property values across your portfolio

As a property owner, you’re focused on minimizing operating expenses and increasing revenue. Zego’s platform helps property owners overcome each of those hurdles, while also creating a better living experience for residents.

Zego™ for property owners

Zego is a property technology company that creates resident experience management tools to help your property become more appealing, efficient and profitable.

We’re evolving with the residential landscape, offering solutions that align with owners’ needs and residents’ aspirations.

We offer resident experience technology that streamlines your most challenging processes, so you can focus on improving and maintaining your assets.

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  • "We would have gotten e-payments much sooner had we known how easy the Zego™ implementation would be."

    Tina Huneycutt-Ellis
    Owner and Broker
  • "The level of customer service we receive with Zego™ is truly superior to any other vendor we have worked with."

    Christy Johnson
    Account Manager