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Resident payments that deliver better efficiency and cash flow

Don’t let rent checks and money orders drain efficiency and cash flow from your business. Zego Pay minimizes the amount of paper payments that come through the door by offering residents convenient and flexible alternatives. Residents can pay online, with a mobile app, or in person at a retail location. No matter how they choose to pay, each transaction seamlessly integrates into your accounting software, saving your staff valuable time.

What you'll love most about Zego Pay

Learn how Zego Pay minimizes the amount of paper payments your staff handles by offering residents convenient and flexible digital alternatives.

Residents enjoying property-wide WiFi and the connected living experience
Fewer Manual Processes and Higher Productivity

Modernized, more efficient workflows

  • Cut time spent on collecting and processing paper-based payments
  • Simplified, accelerated, and accurate reconciliations
  • Eliminate trips to the bank to deposit checks and money orders
A Better Payment Experience and Higher Resident Retention

Payment options that appeal to all residents

  • Residents can pay with an E-check, debit card, credit card, digital wallet, and even good ‘ol fashioned cash
  • Residents can use an app, their computer, the phone, or go to a retail location to make a payment
  • Residents can build their credit score with on-time, online rent payments
Better Performance and Higher NOI

Increased cash flow

  • Fewer instances of lost or stolen checks and money orders
  • Faster funding than manually processing checks
  • Decrease delinquent payments
Payments that offer more

A complete payments toolkit

  • A mobile app that drives online payment utilization

    Avoid the friction associated with paying online from a laptop or desktop computer. With Zego’s intuitive and well-designed mobile app, residents can pay rent and utilities with three quick taps. Communities who implement this fast, convenient option usually see an uptick in online payment utilization.

  • Paperless payments program

    We’ll help you minimize the burden of processing paper payments. Our Paperless Payments Program guides you on how to achieve a 100% digital payments nirvana. We’ll give you a game plan for what you need to do, and share secrets and best practices from clients who see the highest utilization rates.
    Learn more about Check Scanning

  • Eliminate money orders with CashPay

    Replace money orders by offering residents CashPay. CashPay lets residents electronically pay rent with cash from one of 25,000 CheckFreePay® locations nationwide.
    Learn more about CashPay

  • Credit reporting

    Encourage residents to pay on-time and online. Our credit reporting feature reports every online and on-time rent payment to two major credit bureaus. Best of all, it’s free for both property managers and residents!
    Learn more about Credit Reporting

  • 24/7/365 resident support

    Thanks to our around-the-clock support team, community managers won’t get tied up answering payment questions. Our U.S.-based phone support team answers resident questions and even takes payments.


A Safer, More Convenient Alternative to Cash and Money Orders

Check scanning

Convert Checks and Money Orders into Digital Transactions

Credit reporting

A win-win for you and your residents

How it works

1. Residents pay anywhere, anytime

On-the-go using an intuitive easy-to-use mobile app  From their laptops when they’re at home or work At their local retailer when they’re out running errands  By calling Zego 24x7x365.

2. Using their preferred payment method

eCheck, credit or debit card PayPal or Masterpass With cash from of 25,000 CheckFreePay® locations nationwide If they still want to use a paper check, those payments can easily be converted into an digital transaction.

3. Zego integrates

No matter how they choose to pay, all transactions are seamlessly integrated into your accounting software.

4. We fund

Here’s everyone’s favorite part: We deposit the funds into the bank account/s of your choice for each of your properties.

5. Communities thrive

Zego Pay improves the payment process for residents and community staff, giving everyone time back in their day. Your business becomes more efficient thanks to reduced administrative work, better cash flow, and real-time integrated data.

Who we help

Residents, homeowners and students can quickly pay rent, dues, utilities and any other property charges with ease. We simplify the payment process for all portfolio types, including traditional Multifamily, Single Family, HOA, Student Housing and Corporate Housing.

The bells and whistles that simplify property operations

  • Payment options galore

    Residents are more likely to pay digitally if you offer a variety of payment types. Zego lets them pay with any major credit or debit card, eCheck, PayPal or Masterpass. We also offer integrated CashPay and Check Scanning solutions for those who prefer not to pay online.

  • Intuitive mobile app

    Residents can pay rent and utilities with our easy-to-use mobile app that’s designed to speed up the payment process.

  • Credit reporting

    Attract and retain responsible residents by allowing them to build credit for each online and on-time rent payment.
    Learn about Credit Reporting

  • Digital rent reminders

    We can provide your residents with rent reminders via email, text or mobile app. They select the communication method of their choice.

  • AutoPay & variable autopay

    Residents can schedule recurring payments to cover their entire balance, even if the amount due changes month after month.

  • Flexible funding

    Multiple bank accounts can be funded through a single resident transaction, simplifying reconciliation.

  • Owner payments

    Need to pay property owners? Digitally deposit payments into their bank accounts instead of cutting checks.

  • Detailed reporting

    With a variety of comprehensive reports at your disposal, you can quickly find the data you need and even uncover any trends.

  • "In the first month of opening a Zego account our company had 450 residents make online payments. The number has continued to grow every month and we now have over a 40% adoption rate across 8 properties. Zego saves our property managers a ton of time and is so easy to use. We have had well less than a 1% return rate."

    Dominion Management Group
    Knoxville, TN

Platform perks

Modern & intuitive user experience

Many Proptech platforms were built in a different era and come with clunky front-end user interfaces. Zego Pay features a modern and highly intuitive user experience. The mobile-first platform features simple and elegant workflows that allow your residents make their payments quickly and without any confusion.

World-class service & support

We hang our hat on delivering personalized support and strategic guidance that you won’t find anywhere else. We are a four-time winner of the Stevie Award for Client Support and we offer on-shore 24x7x365 resident support. Our proactive Client Success Advocates provide best practices and recommendations to ensure you are getting full value from the platform.

Seamless integrations

With 16+ years of building and maintaining property management systems integrations, we provide the best integrations in the industry. Our seamless connections into your accounting software save your staff time and eliminate the need for manual workarounds.

Enterprise grade security

We know how important the security of your data is to your company and residents. Zego’s technology and internal processes greatly minimizes security risk. To be sure of this, we commission an annual SSAE18 review from an external security specialist. These security experts review our processes and confirm that we have the highest standards in place for controls, procedures, and processes.

We also adhere to a strict set of rules and best practices that are designed to protect and safeguard customer card data (PCI Compliance). For sensitive data that flows through our system, we use 256-bit encryption, one of the most modern and secure encryption methods available.

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Zego frees community associations and management companies to go above and beyond for residents. We help you ease the friction, build the connection and make the difference.