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Increase NOI

Comprehensive utility management to propel productivity

Maximize expense recovery and give your associates the freedom to do more with their day. Zego™ Utility takes care of all the necessary evils of utility management for you. From invoice auditing, to accounts payable, and expense recovery, our end-to-end utility management software gives you better control over expenses and boosts operational productivity.

Simplify Utility Management

Zego™ Utility saves your associates from the hassle of utility management while helping to improve NOI.

Increased NOI and Property Values

Reduced utility expenses

  • Recover water, sewer, trash, gas, recycling, and/or electric expenses
  • Motivate residents to curb their utility usage with consumption-based billing
  • Identify areas of improvement by benchmarking utility cost recovery rates across your portfolio
Higher Productivity and More Accuracy

Smarter workflows for community managers

  • Unburden associates from the time-consuming utility accounts payable process
  • Automate vacant unit cost recovery to catch every instance of utility theft
  • Boost collections and simplify billing when residents pay their entire monthly balance at once
  • Invoice data integrates into accounting software, eliminating manual data entry
Lowered Operating Expenses and More Profitable Properties

Increased NOI

  • Eliminate late fees and incorrect charges
  • Improve efficiency and savings by benchmarking utility spend across your portfolio
  • Recover money from utility theft and charge offending residents a penalty fee

Zego Insights Dashboard

Utility recovery trends and expense insights across your portfolio are available at your fingertips through the Zego Insights Dashboard. This powerful business intelligence and reporting tool enables continuous improvement, increased efficiency and ongoing cost savings.

Recover more utility expenses

Zego frees community associations and management companies to go above and beyond for residents by helping you ease the friction, build the connection and make the difference.