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Ultimate Guide to Utility Management for Property Managers

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Proven tactics to lower utility usage, recover costs and curb spending at multifamily properties

Written exclusively for apartment operators, this 60+ page guide focuses on one of the biggest multifamily operating expenses – utilities.

With the help of modernized utility management solutions, IoT technologies, and new software platforms, property managers can now improve visibility and lower costs like never before.

In this guide, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on implementing an apartment utility management strategy that is proven to boost efficiency and improve the utilities line item.

Get ready to learn:

  • Why utility benchmarking is important and how you can use the data to your advantage
  • What tools and programs will help you optimize utility usage at your communities
  • What strategies can be used to recover utility expenses from residents
  • Where your company is racking up unnecessary costs when paying utility bills

The best-in-class framework for utility expense management in this guide covers: utility efficiency benchmarking, utility usage optimization, utility expense recovery, and streamlined accounts payable. According to research, firms who roll out a comprehensive program, like this one, typically see a 30% increase in recoupment.

With the actionable advice in this guide, you can gain greater control over utility usage, lower costs, and improve margins. Start implementing a new utility management strategy today.

“The savings have been remarkable. For example, a typical water and sewer bill at our 197-unit property is somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000 per month. Recouping those costs from residents at multiple properties makes a huge difference financially.”

– Michelle Kimble, Regional Manager for AC Lewis.

We can help with utility expense management

Zego (Powered by PayLease) is a property technology company that is evolving with the residential landscape. Zego Utility, our comprehensive utility management offering, addresses the unique challenges of managing utility expenses at multifamily properties. From outsourced utility accounts payable to conducting vacant cost recovery and recouping expenses from residents, we eliminate the hassle and help improve your NOI.

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