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woman renter paying rent using flexible rent payments

Rent week just got easier for everyone

With Zego Pay + Best Egg, you get paid in full and on time, while your residents gain the flexibility to pay rent in installments that work best with their budgets and cash flow. Now you can protect your revenue, cut time spent on collections, and differentiate your properties with a groundbreaking solution from two resident rent payment innovators.

More flexibility for residents, zero risk to your cash flow

Did you know the average U.S. renter now spends 30% of their income on rent? That’s a new all-time high. Residents shouldn’t have to worry about making one of their biggest monthly payments on a fixed schedule. Request pricing for Zego Pay to see how you can enable residents to set their own rent payment plans and get your rent in full and on time.

Rent payment plans that work better for all

Enable residents to pay rent in installments, giving them greater control over their cash flow while your revenue remains protected. 

  • Protect your revenue: Rent is paid in full and on time at no extra cost to you
  • Cut time spent on collections: No more late or partial rent payments
  • Boost resident satisfaction: Residents enjoy flexible rent payments on their terms without frustrating late fees
on-site staff change management and training

How Flexible Rent Payments work

In three simple steps, residents can set their own rent payment plans, enabling property managers to enjoy more on-time payments made in full.

Mobile Doorman Icon - Zego Mobile Doorman simplifies property management operations by automating common on-site workflows like rent payment processing, work order management, and resident renewals. Our resident experience management app enables residents to quickly self-service daily tasks while building deeper and more delightful connections with their community.

1. Residents log in to Zego

Residents log in to pay their rent via Zego and select the flexible rent payment option.

2. Residents set custom schedules

Residents are able to apply for an open end line of credit with an affordable subscription fee and set payment frequency directly within the existing payment portal.

Payment Icon - Zego Pay automates rent payment & homeowner dues collection, saving staff time and accelerating cash flow. Our modern HOA and rent payment software digitizes all forms of payments, whether residents choose to pay rent online or in-person.

3. You get paid in full & on time

Residents' rent payments are paid on time and in full by Best Egg.

A smarter way to collect rent

Protect your cash flow

Protect your revenue with the most robust payments feature set in the industry.

Boost resident satisfaction

Enhance your resident experience by offering more payment flexibility.

Free up time

Free up your staff’s time by automating manual payments and enjoy more on-time digital rent payments.

Request a Quote for Zego Pay

Explore offering flexible rent payments at your properties, and chat with a Zego Pay sales representative today.

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