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Convert checks and money orders into digital rent payments

Deposit checks more quickly and securely without having to make trips to the bank. Our check scanning solution considerably improves funding time, accelerates cash flow and reduces the need for manual reconciliation. Every check scanned integrates with your existing accounting system for additional efficiency.

How it works

Zego frees community associations and management companies to go above and beyond for residents by helping you ease the friction, build the connection and make the difference.

Free Demo

1. Resident drops off a check

Community managers collect paper checks, money orders or cashiers check.

2. You scan & view

Log in to Zego’s check scanning portal, scan and submit check. View check images in your portal at any time.

3. We integrate & fund

Funds are deposited into your bank and integrated with your accounting software

4. Communities thrive

Without trips to the bank and manual data entry, communities improve fund availability, minimize the risk of returned items, and have more productive associates

What you'll love most about Check Scanning

  • Capture 100% of rent and dues payments digitally

  • Eliminate trips to the bank to deposit paper-based payments

  • Reduce the fraud and loss associated with paper-based payments

  • Reduce manual data entry of paper based payments into your accounting software

  • Increase funding time with faster processing and reduced return item risk

How we're different

  • Single sign-on
  • Simple enrollment & intuitive scanning environment
  • State-of-the art imaging system ensures your checks are scanned quickly and with exceptional image quality
  • Check images (front and back) can be easily viewed via the Zego Pay Admin Portal
  • Scanned payments are integrated seamlessly into the resident ledger within your accounting software allowing for consistent reporting across residents and payment types

Who we help

Check Scanning benefits any portfolio with residents who wish to pay with a check or money order. Traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing and corporate housing all utilize Check Scanning to minimize the hassles associated with paper-based payments.