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Zego™ Mobile CheckScan

Achieve 100% digital payments, reduce delinquencies and returns, and improve property cash flow with Zego™ Mobile CheckScan. Allow residents to convert a paper check to a digital payment method on their own with just a few clicks. Bank information is automatically captured to create a payment method that can be used to make an immediate payment for rent and other property charges. This information is stored to simplify future online payments and can also be used to set up scheduled recurring auto payments, ensuring you get paid on time every time.

1. Resident opens the Zego™ Pay app:

Resident selects to create a new bank payment method

2. Resident snaps a photo of the check:

A simple workflow walks the resident through the process of adding a photo of their check.

3. Account confirmed and linked:

Bank information is automatically captured for an immediate payment, simplifying future payments or setting up recurring autopays

Property Check Scanning

Deposit rent checks more quickly and securely without having to make trips to the bank. Our check scanning solution considerably improves funding time, accelerates cash flow and reduces the need for manual reconciliation. Every check scanned integrates with your existing accounting system for additional efficiency.

1. Resident drops off a check:

Community managers collect paper checks, money orders or cashiers checks.

2. You scan & view:

Log-in to Zego’s check scanning portal, scan and submit check. View check images in your portal at any time.

3. We integrate & fund:

Funds are deposited into your bank and integrated with your accounting software

Built for residents & property managers of all portfolio types

Zego™ Check Scanning and Mobile CheckScan benefit any portfolio with residents who wish to pay with a check or money order. Traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing and corporate housing all use Zego™ Check Scanning solutions to minimize the hassles associated with paper-based payments.

What you'll love most about Zego™ Check Scanning

  • Improve cash flow:

    rapidly grow digital rent payment utilization

  • Save time:

    eliminate trips to the bank to deposit paper-based payments and reduce manual data entry of payments into your accounting software

  • Reduce risk:

    minimize the fraud and loss associated with paper-based payments

  • Get paid faster:

    increase funding time with more efficient processing

  • Reduce payment returns:

    easily increase the accuracy of account information

  • Improve the resident experience:

    delight residents by providing a quick and easy way for them to pay rent online through their mobile phone

We're different from other rent check scanning solutions

  • Residents can quickly convert checks to a digital payment method right from their smartphones
  • Properties can use their existing scanners to convert checks and money orders into digital payments in bulk
  • Digital payments are integrated seamlessly into the resident ledger within your accounting software allowing for consistent reporting across residents and payment types

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