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Zego utility intelligence dashboard

Utility insights that make a big impact

Zego brings modern technology to multifamily utility management, improving portfolio-wide visibility and decision-making. Automate manual utility management tasks to improve data accuracy and staff efficiency and drive higher resident satisfaction. With Utility Intelligence you get valuable insights into your asset's performance so you can make informed decisions to grow your business. 

Cut operating costs with Utility Intelligence

Utilities are the 3rd largest expense for multifamily communities. With the help of modernized utility management strategies you can improve visibility and cut costs like never before.

A utility intelligence dashboard that puts you in the driver's seat

Gain valuable insight into your properties’ utility usage, recoupment rates, and portfolio trends with Zego Insights, a business intelligence feature of Zego Utility. A customizable dashboard, in-depth reports, and user-friendly charts help you make data-driven decisions with ease.

Zego Utility Intelligence dashboard

Portfolio benchmarking

Benchmark utility expenses and recoupment rates across individual properties, your entire portfolio, or for certain timeframes.

Proactive automated notifications

Set thresholds for vacant unit charges, utility recoupment, and more. Automated alerts notify you at your desired frequency, so you can take corrective action when needed.

Comprehensive reporting

Reports cover critical queries like utility usage and recoupment, vacant cost recovery, move-out calculations, submeter health, and more.

Data visualizations

Highlight the information you need with clear charts and data visualizations that help you make more informed and timely decisions.

Automated report sharing

Save key reports and schedule automated sharing with stakeholders to keep everyone in-the-know and save you time.

Detailed drill-downs

Refine dashboard data by portfolio, property, utility type, and more to get the right level of detail you desire.

Painless Prebill

You don’t have time to sift through and review the details of every prebill. Zego Utility Painless Prebills simplify the process and ensure statement accuracy with AI and Machine Learning that analyze and clearly highlight exceptions on resident prebills.

Zego Utility Intelligence Prebill Summary

  • Key features:

    • Exception handling: Utility exceptions such as high usage or variance month-over-month are highlighted, so staff know exactly what to look at and why.
    • Prefill filtering: Filter prebills by various criteria to focus on relevant data points.
    • Easy editing: Make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily, directly from Zego Admin before statement generation.
  • What's in it for you:

    • Higher accuracy: Increase utility statement accuracy
    • Shorter review times: Get to the exception info you need to review faster
    • Better resident experience: Improve the resident experience and reduce burden on your on-site staff

Intelligent technology that limits errors and saves time

  • AI data capture

    Ensures on-time, accurate resident statements with a machine-learning based process that ingests your utility bills and extracts pertinent line item data.

  • e-Billing

    Increases resident enrollment in e-billing and grows on-time online payments when residents can click-to-pay

  • Robust auditing

    Decrease the risk of utility payment errors with over 300 automated audit flags plus predictive bill tracking

  • Easy bill retrieval

    Increase accuracy and timeliness of payments by automatically pulling your utility bill into our software directly from your providers

  • Automated move-out calculator

    Save time and your bottom line by quickly generating prorated charges and final utility statements for resident moving out

  • Intelligent submeter alerts

    Quickly learn about and address abnormal submeter behavior with proactive, customizable meter-level alerts. Intelligent high usage alerts are driven by historic vs. average property usage, increasing accuracy. Pinpoint errant submeters early to prevent waste and costs.

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Zego Utility

Comprehensive utility solutions for multifamily

From recouping resident utility costs to automating accounts payables, Zego Utility saves you time while growing your NOI. Find out more about how Zego Utility can help you achieve your goals.

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