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How can you maintain revenue for your multifamily property?

With high interest rates, inflation, a month-over-month decline in rent growth, and a potential recession looming, multifamily owners and operators need to take immediate action to safeguard revenue. Amid this uncertainty in apartment demand and rental growth, how can you optimize your portfolio and secure cash flow? By mitigating rent collection risks, stabilizing NOI in a volatile utility market, and optimizing property operations, you can protect and bolster your business operations for the long term.

What's putting your revenue at risk?

  • Chargebacks and returns
  • Delinquencies
  • Delayed cash flow
  • Utility invoice errors
  • Not maximizing utility recoupment
  • High cost of resident turnover
  • Lack of additional revenue streams
  • Making decisions without the right data

In this guide, discover strategic recommendations to combat these risks and maintain multifamily revenue. Start reading now!

Preparing for financial impact

The percentage of utility invoices that contain an error
The cost to replace one resident that moves out
8.5 million
The number of Americans behind on rent by the end of 2022
Property manager looking at laptop for risks against revenue and how to identify and maintain it during uncertain times

Optimize and protect your portfolio

It's essential to prepare for potential economic challenges by taking proactive steps to protect your business against chargebacks and returns, utility theft, growing resident turnover costs, and more. With new technology, additional revenue drivers, and opportunities to save, you can mitigate risks to your revenue.

This guide outlines 8 risks to multifamily revenue and presents proven recommendations to avoid and/or mitigate those risks.

Start Reading Now

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Calculate your Revenue Protection ROI

A Revenue Protection Suite adds safeguards against losses due to chargebacks, NSF returns, fraud, and errors. Covering all digital payments including ACH/bank account, credit card, and debit.

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