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Residents enjoying property-wide WiFi and the connected living experience

An intelligent WiFi amenity-as-a-service that strengthens NOI

Zego’s Property-wide WiFi gives residents the connected living experience they demand. By offering residents instant access to affordable, secure, and high-speed internet, you can differentiate your property and improve NOI. And, by adding a next-generation technology, like adaptive WiFi, you can lay the foundation for seamless and cost-effective deployment of smart building technology, like Zego Smart.

Property-wide WiFi is a game-changer

Research shows that 93% of residents consider high-speed internet their top amenity when choosing an apartment, while 44% would pay a rent premium1. With our intelligent WiFi solution, you can not only attract and retain more residents but also enjoy a new revenue stream.

1 2017 NMHC/Kingsley Renter Preferences Report; Comcast Communities

property manager Rental credit reporting
Higher Rental Rates

Attractive perks that drive demand for your community

  • Instant access to a private, high-speed WiFi network immediately upon move-in
  • An internet-first cable alternative ideal for streaming
  • Lower resident internet bills by up to 55%
Delighted residents Rental credit reporting
Higher Retention

Delighted residents who renew their lease

  • Secure and completely private WiFi, available property-wide
  • Seamless connectivity without the hassle of switching networks or entering passwords
  • Simple billing directly within monthly rent statements, and no hidden charges or fees
Multifamily apartment managers reviewing revenue from their adaptive wifi amenity
Higher NOI

A new revenue stream to grow your portfolio

  • No upfront costs for infrastructure deployment
  • Easily connect smart building technologies without making capital expenditures
  • Retain a portion of monthly subscriber collections

We’ve got you covered

Whether you’re managing an existing property, adding a new one, retrofitting or developing, Zego can accommodate your needs. We offer flexible product and implementation packages and will handle all the details to get your intelligent WiFi running in no time.

A smart apartment building

How it works

1. We Deploy Property-wide WiFi

We deploy intelligent WiFi at your multifamily property, enabling residents to access their own private networks throughout your community. All deployment costs are covered through subscriber collections.

2. Your Residents Enjoy

Residents can sign up in less than 60 seconds and will gain internet access immediately upon move-in. Then, they can enjoy the flexibility of a high-speed month-to-month internet service included in their rent statements.

3. Your Property Evolves into a Smart Building

Easily connect Zego Smart to power reliable, secure, and smart apartment building technologies without capital expenditures.

4. You Boost NOI

Once deployment costs are recovered, you retain all collections and pay a per-subscriber service fee for the cost of operating and managing the network.

There's no comparison for resident internet

Our adaptive WiFi offering comes with unparalleled perks that traditional providers can’t match. No other fixed, cable, or managed WiFi solutions combine property-wide access with adaptive broadcasting and an economic model that benefits multifamily building owners too.

Residents get an internet-first cable replacement service

Your residents get a powerful and reliable network that allows them to ditch cable. Plus, they’ll enjoy no contracts, hidden fees or data caps and consolidated billing on their monthly rent statements.

Apartment operators gain a new revenue stream

You begin receiving positive cash flow on day one, as all upfront costs are covered through subscriber collections. Once deployment costs are recovered, you keep all collections and pay a per-subscriber fee, accelerating profit further.

Built with today’s connected communities in mind

  • Instant access

    Residents enjoy service immediately upon move-in, without the hassle of waiting for hardware or installation by an internet service provider (ISP).

  • Lower costs and simplified billing

    No resident contracts, hidden fees, or data caps, and charges appear directly on monthly rent statements.

  • Fast, reliable performance

    Guaranteed 99%+ uptime and the option to offer multiple service tiers. Speeds up to 1Gbps support multi-device streaming, gaming, and more.

  • Seamless, property-wide connectivity

    Single sign-on enables instant connectivity to users’ private networks anywhere throughout your property.

  • Private and secure connection

    Networks remain unique to users, ensuring the highest level of privacy and encryption.

  • Real-time support

    Users can troubleshoot with a digital assistant, powered by A.I.

  • IoT ready

    Seamless pairing with smart apartment solutions, so you can transform your property into a connected community.

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