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Connected communities: drive resident engagement and empower on-site staff

Stay competitive in today’s over-crowded market and build resident loyalty

You’ll benefit from this ebook if you:

  • Recognize you are losing residents to competing properties 
  • Want ROI-worthy strategies that add value and convenience for residents
  • Have sensed there are points of friction for your residents when interacting with your communities
  • Are unclear about the value smart home technology can bring to multifamily operators and residents
  • Want your on-site staff to devote more time to resident retention

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What the main points of friction are for residents living in multifamily communities
  • How to empower resident engagement and foster a better sense of community
  • The value of a seamless mobile experience for residents and community staff
  • The basics of getting smart home technology implemented in your units 

When residents feel a sense of connection to their community  – either with neighbors, on-site staff, or amenities that make their apartment feel like home –  they are more likely to renew their lease and post positive reviews that attract prospective renters. That’s why so many top multifamily operators are focused on improving the resident experience as a means of differentiating their community and maximizing occupancy. But with so many intangibles associated with a pleasant resident experience, apartment operators often fail to deliver. 

This ebook will help you understand the key components of an ideal resident experience, and provide actionable insights for creating these scenarios at your properties. You’ll also understand how communities are relying on new technology platforms to remove friction from common resident touch-points, streamline on-site operations, and extend convenience-based amenities. 

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