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Boost retention rates with remarkable resident experiences

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Resident experience has become one of the most important selling points of multifamily communities. Many communities offer the same amenities and competitive rent, but the way they differentiate themselves is by going above and beyond for residents. Wondering what resident experience means - or how managing it effectively can pay off in the short and long-run?

Listen to our on-demand recording where we cover:

  • Why leading multifamily companies are shifting focus towards resident experience
  • What are the key survey findings from Zego’s proprietary research report on resident experience management
  • What Zego’s recommendations are to build a best-in-class resident experience at your communities
  • Which proven resident experience management strategies have driven growth at companies like The Donaldson Group, LLC and NRP Group
  • How Zego's resident experience mobile app solution looks and functions

Webinar speakers

  • Zego

    Nick Latz

    Chief Revenue officer

  • The Donaldson Group, LLC

    Jennifer Casey

    Senior Vice President of Asset Management

  • The NRP Group

    Nancy Kelly

    Director of Marketing

  • Zego

    Katy Nilsson

    Director of Client Services

Hear from our experts in our on-demand webinar

Believing in resident experience and delivering on it is a tough balancing act for staff. After all, community managers juggle plenty of tasks on a daily basis, and it’s easy for the operational aspects of community management to overshadow resident experience-focused initiatives. But that mindset brings consequences.

The turnover that stems from unsatisfied residents creates a constant cycle of additional work that falls on your on-site teams. Plus, there are financial impacts. The average turnover cost for one unit is approximately $4,000 - vacancy loss days, marketing, and maintenance costs. Conversely, communities who focus on resident satisfaction see reduced turnover and more unique opportunities to thrive.

In this on-demand recording, we take a deep dive into our key survey finding that helped us shape our 7 recommendations to build a superior resident experience:

  • Provide a world-class move-in experience
  • Keep your community well maintained and offer a pleasing ambiance
  • Build a vibrant community
  • Enhance management communication and responsiveness
  • Improve maintenance services and response times
  • Survey your residents
  • Actively manage the renewal process

We go into detail about what you can do to boost your retention rate with each of these factors. Then, guest speakers make this methodology come to life by talking through their approaches to resident experience management. Finally, we wrap up with a quick demo of our mobile resident app, so you can see the ins-and-outs of a leading resident experience management platform.

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