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E-Payments a Hot Topic at the TAA Conference

E-payments were a hot topic at this year’s Texas Apartment Association (TAA) Conference. With more and more renters demanding to pay rent online instead of mailing, writing or hand delivering a check, many property management companies are starting to realize what is really important to them about e-payment solutions. As such, some providers like PayLease are constantly updating their products and features to meet the demands of property managers. Is your e-payment provider supplying your firm with the most up-to-date features and programs?

Offering the most cutting edge payment solutions for your residents is a must. This brings us to the second biggest takeaway from the TAA Conference. Any change to your e-payment program should come with adequate support resources. Does your e-payment provider offer you a point of contact to help with day-to-day account changes? What about someone to help you maximize usage of your program? TAA attendees all agreed these were necessary action items for e-payment providers.

Let’s face it. In this industry, looking cool to your residents is a must. So how “cool” is your firm?

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