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How multifamily package lockers keep communities safe and happy

Learn about the perks of multifamily package lockers that residents and on-site teams enjoy.

Online shopping has been booming, especially since the start of the pandemic. With good reason, too. Not only is it convenient, but it keeps residents from making an unnecessary trip to the store. However, if your communities don’t have multifamily package lockers (or another apartment package management system), online purchases can be a hassle.

Without an automated solution, on-site teams are forced to manually log every package. Once they are done with that, they have to notify residents of their delivery. These steps take a considerable amount of time. Plus, it’s up to them to store those packages and keep them safe.

The situation isn’t ideal for residents either. If their community doesn’t have self-service options (like multifamily package lockers), then they can only retrieve a package during office hours. It also means interacting with their community manager. And if the point is to avoid human contact, well…


Unpacking Multifamily Package Management Solutions

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How do multifamily package lockers work?

Luckily, communities are overcoming all of these package pain points with the help of lockers. Designed for multifamily communities, they automate package logistics for on-site team members. They provide a secure way to store packages, and residents can claim them at their convenience.

Here’s how automated package management lockers work:

  1. Carriers (e.g. UPS) bring packages to the package locker location
  2. The delivery person uses easy scan-in functionality to add packages to lockers. This automatically triggers an email/text notification to the resident
  3. Residents receive notification of their package arrival and a secure access code
  4. Using their access code, residents retrieve their package

How do smart package lockers benefit community managers?

According to NMHC, 57% of community managers think that package lockers are the best way to handle resident deliveries. If you read all the advantages, you’ll understand why.

There’s no work for property managers

Package lockers are a game-changer for on-site teams. Once carriers place a package in the locker, it triggers a notification to go to your resident. So property managers don’t have to log in packages, notify residents, or retrieve the delivery when someone comes to claim it. So essentially, all the tasks associated with package management no longer fall on on-site associates.

It’s a contactless way to get packages to residents

With the traditional way packages are handled, residents must claim their parcel from a community manager. Not only is that inconvenient, it requires face-to-face communication. And, of course, in COVID times, that has its risks. Multifamily package lockers help create a safe working environment for your on-site associates.

Easily attract prospective residents and keep existing ones happy

Package lockers are one of residents’ top amenities in a community. Residents want the convenience of being able to claim their packages on their own timetable and know they are secure. Lockers will help your community stand out when prospects tour. And, your existing residents will be happy that claiming packages is so convenient.

How do residents benefit from parcel lockers?

As much as your staff might like the benefits of package lockers, your residents see quite a few perks as well.

Residents are alerted the second a package arrives.

There are some purchases your residents want to get their hands on right away. And with multifamily package lockers, residents get instant notifications once their item is inside of a locker. The notification contains an access code that allows them to claim their delivery upon arrival.

Residents have peace of mind their packages are secure.

Videos of porch pirates are all over the internet. And even though package theft is on the rise, if you have lockers, residents won’t fall victim to theft. Locker systems generate a unique code each time a package is placed inside. That means only the intended recipient can retrieve parcels from inside the locker.

Residents can enjoy a mobile-friendly package management experience.

Since many of us are glued to our phones, package lockers are designed to be mobile friendly. When a package arrives, residents get access information through text or your community app. Managing packages with a community app is especially convenient for residents. They can view their parcel history, and even set their vacation schedule so that packages are stored safely until their return and don’t accrue storage fees.

Perishables won’t spoil in temperature-controlled lockers.

Some locker systems offer temperature-controlled compartments. So when your residents receive items like meal kits, medication, or flower deliveries, those deliveries can stay fresh. No one wants wilted flowers or spoiled meal kits!

When you add up all the advantages, multifamily package lockers are an ideal way to manage deliveries in your communities. If you’re looking for amenities that increase convenience and keep residents safe, multifamily package lockers are an excellent choice. To explore other package management options, download our free guide: Unpacking Multifamily Package Management Solutions.

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