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Now What?

As a Client Account Representative, I assist property management companies with the set-up and roll-out of their e-payment system. All too often we sprint through the set-up phase so residents can have access to e-payments as soon as possible. Some property managers think that once e-payments are set up the work is over. Wrong. The next step is getting the word out! After all, no one will use the system if they don’t know about it right?

So the next and most important step is to market the new feature to your residents. Chances are you’ve had residents constantly ask about e-payments and they will be eager to use the service. But believe me, in this day in age there are many more residents who are also tired of writing a check each month. PayLease provides many ways to get the message to those residents when you launch e-payments.

Here are some great ways to communicate your new payment feature:

  • Email Blasts – Collecting email addresses from residents has become the norm these days. It is the preferred way of communication for many and a great way to quickly and effectively make announcements.
  • Door Hangers – Manage multifamily properties? Door hangers are great to distribute on these properties when doing your daily walk through or site visits.
  • Fliers – If you have an onsite office, common area, business center, gym, pool, etc., use our e-payment fliers and counter top stands to make displays.
  • Inserts – Do you currently mail statements, notices, newsletters, etc. to your residents? If so, inserts are a great way to easily include e-payment information in the mailings you already do.
  • Direct Mail – Great for the single family portfolios! Direct mail pieces are a proven means of communication to residents and/or homeowners.

PayLease offers free marketing pieces to all of our clients. Order early and often!  Please contact your client account rep or email for more info. We will do sample mock-ups using your logo and URL for approval and then fulfill / ship the order to the address(s) you request.

Remember… residents can’t use the system, and you can’t benefit from it, unless they know about it!!

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