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Questions to Ask Any Online Payment Processor

The bulk of your business as a property manager revolves around collecting payments, and we all know what a pain that can be. That is, if you haven’t made the switch to online payments.  If you are on the hunt for an online rent payment provider, it’s about time. But we know that being new to the online payments game can be a little overwhelming. To help with your search, here are some critical questions that you should ask any e-payment vendor you are considering doing business with:

  1.  Can residents pay directly from my website?
  2.  Is payment processing your core expertise?
  3.  Do you offer round-the-clock care for residents making payments?
  4.  Do you offer any incentive programs for high online payment adoption?
  5.  Are residents able to pay with all major credit cards?
  6.  Do you offer flexible rent payments?
  7.  Can I convert checks and cash into online payments?

Those are just a couple of questions you should be asking potential providers. If you want our advice on other factors you should be considering, we’re here to talk!

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