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What is The Resident Experience Podcast all about?

Q&A about the podcast:

What is the name of the podcast?
Zego’s podcast is called The Resident Experience podcast

Why did you pick that name?
We chose the name The Resident Experience podcast because at Zego’s core, we believe that its excellence in resident experience management that makes property management companies excel in multifamily. And to be clear, we define resident experience management as more than simply providing amenities; it is what you do to manage the full resident lifecycle.

Why did you decide to start this podcast?
We decided to start the podcast because when we looked around, we noticed there weren’t a lot of podcasts focused on the multifamily industry and thought, why not!

Who is the audience for this podcast?
The audience for this podcast is anyone that is interested in how leaders in the multifamily industry are managing their properties and providing excellent service to their residents.

What makes this podcast different from other podcasts?
What makes this podcast different from others is who we are targeting and our content. The concept of resident experience management in multifamily is still a relatively new term and we’re excited to get out and talk about it!

What kind of guests will be on the podcast?
Guests on the podcast will range from industry thought leaders to individuals who are implementing best-in-class activities at their properties.

What topics do you anticipate covering on the podcast?
Topics we anticipate covering really run the gamut of the resident experience. For example, our first guest is at the leading edge in terms of research on how to build a community at a property and how that directly links to resident retention and real dollars saved. We’ll also be talking with people who are helping to define best-in-class activities as it relates to specific parts of the resident experience like onboarding or lease renewal.

How can people connect with Nick and others at Zego?
People can connect with Nick and others at Zego in many ways! You can always email us at, but you can also connect with us on social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at go_zego. We have a bunch of videos up on YouTube and of course, you can go to our website at

How can people subscribe to the podcast?
People can subscribe to The Resident Experience podcast on all their favorite platforms like Apple, Google, Stitcher, and Spotify.

When can we expect the next episode?
We are excited for our first episode to go live the last week of February - so stay tuned for more!