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Above and Beyond

You always hear companies boast about how great their customer service is, but is it really? As consumers, we all know great customer service when we get it. Of course, we expect courteous and professional service from a company we do business with, especially when we’re paying for something. But many times, the true test of a great company is when its employees go above and beyond to service its customers.

A perfect example of above and beyond is asking a grocery store employee where the ketchup is located. Of course, they can answer your question and tell you the aisle it’s located in or they can go above and beyond and walk you to the exact location of the ketchup and ask if there is anything else you need assistance with. Above and beyond is the kind of service what we strive for every day at PayLease because we place the utmost value in our clients and their needs. To us, above and beyond also means that we are continually striving for improvement to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs. We create many of our support resources and new product features based solely on client feedback.

And we’re finding our reputation as being an above and beyond provider is spreading. Many of our clients have switched to PayLease from another rent payment or HOA payment provider based on service alone. The most common story we hear from these clients is that their previous payments vendor was not responsive to inquiries about their account. Often, the customer would have to make repeated attempts to get a resolution to their problem. These kinds of stories really motivate our team at PayLease to show clients what a true customer service is.

Is your provider going above and beyond to service your company? We encourage you to ask other property management companies who use us to find out first-hand what makes us the best service provider for rent and HOA payments.

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