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How to Increase Your HOA’s Revenue with Coupon Books

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Successful HOA’s are always looking to find creative and unique ways to be competitive and profitable. Would you like to eliminate an annual expense or turn that expense into a profit? Of course you would!

Payment coupon books are an essential and necessary component of any property management company’s billing process. What if you could transform HOA coupon books into marketing tools for local businesses and enjoy an added revenue stream for your HOA?

For decades, SouthData customers have used message coupons inside payment coupon books as a way to communicate with homeowners. Message coupons are extra pages placed into the payment coupon books that contain information instead of payment coupons.

Property management companies can use these message coupons as powerful advertising platforms for business partners in their area. Businesses pay for the ad space within the message coupon, thereby helping you offset the costs of producing the coupon books.

Everyone wins:

  • Advertisers gain a higher return rate, reach target audiences, and enjoy repeated exposure
  • Management companies enjoy added revenue and are reimbursed for the costs of producing payment coupon books
  • Homeowners see ads about products and services that are relevant to their lives

Potential advertisers can include everyone from auto repair shops, electricians, and plumbers to heating & cooling specialists, pest control services, or home security companies. With access to 100% of their market base, you have the ideal platform local advertisers need to reach their audience.

  1. ADVERTISEMENT SPACE: Show businesses a coupon book sample and the message coupon so they will be able to see the advertising space.
  2. ADVERTISER EXCLUSIVITY:  Coupon books have five message coupon slots. Allow only one advertiser per industry in order to guarantee them exclusivity within their market and block out their competitors. Ex: Only one pest control company, etc…
  3. REPEATED EXPOSURE: Ads will be viewed an average of 12 times per year and are usually seen by spouses as well.
  4. MEASUREABLE RESULTS: Advertisers can track their results by offering a redeemable coupon, a unique phone number, or website address in the ad.


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