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Our Values, Part 1: The Spirit of Yes

We decided to dig into our values here on the PayLease blog, so we’re kicking off a series, with one post dedicated to each value. The first value we’ll look at is The Spirit of Yes.

What does The Spirit of Yes mean in our day-to-day life?  It means that we want to be solution-seekers, break the mold, do what hasn’t been done and have a great time trying to figure it out.  Each one of the four words supporting The Spirit of Yes tells a story about who PayLease is.


We will make the first move. If you are waiting on an answer from another team, walk over there. If someone didn’t respond to your email, give them a call. Check in with your clients. Reach out to a partner. Look for future employees in your coffee shop. We believe in the power of the question, “How can I help?”. It really can change the world, one transaction at a time.  Interesting things happen when people take initiative – the blame game stops. If I am genuinely here to help, assigning blame is a tremendous waste of time. Employee engagement goes up. How can you be bored if you are taking initiative?  If you are constantly learning, you are constantly contributing.


In addition to a willingness to take initiative, there has to be a corresponding level of discernment with regards to urgency. Our CEO has a saying, “It’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal.” That simple comment cuts both ways. If it really is a big deal, then you need to run up and down the halls getting people’s attention.  If it really isn’t a big deal and you run up and down the hallways getting people’s attention, then you are wasting everyone’s time and energy.  Knowing what is urgent and requires immediate attention is essential to providing the amazing customer service that PayLease is known for.

Good Energy

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone walks in and it feels like all of the oxygen is sucked right out of the room?  That won’t be a PayLeaser. We want to contribute to every situation with a ‘can-do’ attitude, a positive outlook and a conviction that, no matter what the problem, we will find a solution. Everyone can have a down day or a rough week, we get that. But wallowing isn’t our style. In the Spirit of Yes, our employees bounce back and bring that good energy with them.


In order to say Yes as often as we would like to, we need to be clever folks. We need to be thinking ‘outside the box’ or looking at things through a different lens. At PayLease, our smart people are trained on the whole system and the whole experience for our clients, beginning with our comprehensive and deliberate New Hire Training. This foundation allows us to stretch our creative muscle and finds solutions and alternatives that would evade our competitors. If it hasn’t been done before, that is all the more reason to attempt it. We aim to change the game in Property Management and being innovative is a critical piece.

The Spirit of YES is woven into the essence of being a PayLeaser. If that appeals to you, we encourage you to apply for one of our job openings.

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