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Homeowner associations can use Zego’s integration with Enumerate, to further accelerate NOI growth and simultaneously delight association members. Providing digital payment options and a better way to receive checks with Zego Pay Lockbox.

Automate cumbersome but critical HOA payments workflows

Enumerate’s comprehensive accounting software for HOAs and condominiums provides staff the tools they need to succeed. Enumerate empowers managers of communities both large and small to do their jobs quickly and easily, helping them take care of clients and reach their goals in the process. By using Zego’s integration with Enumerate, you can further accelerate NOI growth and simultaneously delight association members.

Find out how Zego & Enumerate are better together

There’s a reason Zego and Enumerate have been preferred partners since 2013. Engineered from the ground up to be safe and secure, our combined solutions dramatically simplify HOA payments workflows thanks to automation and a single-source-view of all homeowner payments.

A HOA manager with free time using the Zego and Enumerate integration that provides digital payment options and a better way to receive checks with their association members.

A top-class integration to simplify your HOA dues payments collection

Zego’s integration with Enumerate’s property management software makes managing a single community or an entire portfolio effortless.

  • Balances are pulled from your Enumerate software and displayed to homeowners.
  • Payments are captured electronically and integrated into your Enumerate software.
  • Accounts are more easily reconciled to free up your valuable time.
  • Payment data and reporting are automatically available at your fingertips.
  • [Enumerate] is our property software, so finding a payment vendor who integrated with them was a big priority for us… The flexibility our homeowners have when making a payment is just one of the great things we love about Zego.

    Tina Bennett
    Project Coordinator at BPMI
  • The difference between how we operated then and now is like night and day. Now, you don’t have to have a specific computer.. Everyone can work on [Enumerate Payments] on any device as long as it’s connected to the Internet.

    Scott Headrick
    VP at Kes Property Management

Ditch manual payments reconciliation and go 100% digital

Zego Pay offers Enumerate clients a seamless integration that automates homeowner dues collection, saving property staff time and accelerating cash flow. Zego’s software helps you go 100% digital with payments, regardless of how homeowners choose to pay, by seamlessly integrating receivables with Enumerate and automating reconciliation.

Reduce your workload with automatically reconciled funds

Our API connection with Enumerate ensures your accounting software accurately reflects Zego payment information, helping you reconcile more quickly and accurately.

Streamline payments review and exception handling

Make better decisions with real-time insights, improved staff visibility, and a single-source-view of all resident payments.

Deliver exceptional homeowner experiences

Enhance homeowner experiences and streamline cash flow with a variety of payment options, including a modern Lockbox integration, and resident communication support.

See what community associations using Enumerate have achieved with Zego

“I was always looking at 2 or 3 spots before. Now I can just look in one spot if a payment is missing or credited to the wrong person. When I look in Zego I can see right away what’s going on.”

- Sheila Bahnsen, Community Manager at Waterside Monclova HOA

HOA manager that now has free time due to the Enumerate and Zego Pay Lockbox integration that provides HOA's a different option with paper checks.

Eliminate paper check processing with Lockbox for HOA

Zego Pay Lockbox converts checks to digital payments and integrates with your Enumerate property management software. Now you can give your homeowners the option to pay by check without having to accept another check in your office. 

  • Free up time for your staff by ending manual data entry and processing.
  • Minimize the risks of fraud and theft associated with paper payments.
  • Gain efficiencies with a fully integrated solution to process paper checks and all other online payments.
  • Ensure homeowners continue to enjoy the payment methods they prefer.

Demo our Zego + Enumerate integration

The longstanding partnership between Enumerate and Zego means our integrations are a cut above the rest. As a result, you can enjoy optimized workflows for staff and homeowners, more accurate data, and zero manual workarounds.

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