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The Resident Experience Podcast

The Resident Experience Podcast, brought to you by Zego, explores ways to create extraordinary experiences for residents of multifamily communities. Guests reveal their resident engagement and retention strategies, including tried-and-true tactics and new cutting-edge ideas. We'll shine a spotlight on the people and communities that create the best living experiences around. Join the industry's brightest minds as we talk about today's multifamily resident experience.


Yolanda Muchnik

Zego's VP of Marketing

Yolanda is an east coast transplant to San Diego, where she spends her free time soaking up the sun with her husband and two kids. From her years traveling the world as a street photographer to her adventures living abroad as strategy consultant, Yolanda always has an entertaining story. Tune in to hear Yolanda's and guests’ unique viewpoints on the multifamily resident experience.

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