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The Ultimate Guide to Building a "Best-in-class" PropTech Stack

Boost staff efficiency and resident satisfaction with a tech stack built specifically for your portfolio

In this free 130-page guide, you’ll learn about:

  • What are the benefits of a comprehensive tech stack for property staff and residents
  • What is the best way to assemble a tech stack for your portfolio
  • Multifamily tech stack tips and best practices from experts
  • Examples of sample tech stacks for different portfolio types

How to select PropTech that elevates the resident experience throughout the resident lifecycle

With the advancements in real estate technology and the digitalization of the resident lifecycle, manual and inefficient processes are becoming a thing of the past. Property management companies are increasingly turning to PropTech (property technology) to attract, engage, and retain their residents - and save their staff time throughout the entire process.

Structuring your PropTech stack to fit the needs of your portfolio is the first step to putting all the right technology in place, and most multifamily property management companies choose one of these three methods:

  • Proprietary: Custom built software
  • All-in-one: A single platform with multiple applications
  • Best-in-class: Specialized software solutions that integrate with each other

While Zego does play in the PropTech space, this is not a guide to the Zego platform. Rather, it is meant to provide a comprehensive view of multifamily tech stack components - from resident acquisition tools to core accounting softwares and everything in between.

This guide to best-in-class PropTech stacks is based on secondary research and one-on-one interviews with Zego clients, partners, and industry experts. In it, we examine the pros and cons of each method and discuss the types of portfolios they typically suit. We also give multifamily tech stack tips and best practices from the pros to help you make the best technology decisions for your portfolio and boost staff efficiency, resident acquisition, and renewals.

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Improve resident retention & productivity across your portfolio

Zego is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for residents. Our mobile-first resident experience platform features simple and clean workflows that allow your residents and staff to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. From payments and utilities to communications and smart apartment technology, we help you boost retention, productivity, and grow NOI.

What’s the best way to structure your PropTech stack?

Check out our free ebook to learn how to create a best-in-class PropTech stack specific to your portfolio’s needs.

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