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How to acquire, impress, and retain today’s renters

Winning formulas for improving the resident experience

[On-demand webinar series]

Starting with the move-in experience, ending with move-out or renewal, and encompassing everything in between, leading property management companies are increasingly setting themselves apart with more personalized and frictionless touchpoints throughout their renters’ tenancies.

In this on-demand webinar series, we take you through the resident lifecycle and share proprietary research findings and best practice tips to help you acquire, impress, and retain your residents. The 3 main topics of the recording include:

Acquire | Community experience touchpoints that help acquire new residents

Impress | Building a living experience that delights modern renters

Retain | Proven renewal strategies that boost resident retention

Resident expectations have changed, and the time is ripe for more curated lifestyle experiences

Modern renters are seeking greater convenience, connectivity, and self-service when it comes to day-to-day apartment living. Join us for this deep dive into our winning formula for boosting profitability through remarkable resident experiences. In this on-demand webinar series we cover resident experience management best practices for every stage of the resident journey, including:

Acquiring and onboarding new residents

  • Leasing and move-in experience
  • Pet, vehicle and visitor registration
  • Flexible leasing processes

Managing current resident touchpoints

  • Monthly rent & utility payment processes
  • Updated and attractive community management
  • Day-to-day home management (e.g., package management, repairs & maintenance, WiFi, etc.)
  • Amenity reservations
  • Streamlined two-way resident communication
  • Exclusive local community offerings (i.e. discounts to local shops/services)
  • Social and holiday calendar coordination, event planning, and decoration
  • Emergency communication & support (e.g. COVID-19 related lockdowns, inclement weather, etc.)

Resident retention

  • Lease renewal plan
  • Resident surveys / feedback


Webinar speakers:

  • Zego

    Will Clanfield

    Director of Resident Experience Marketing

  • Zego

    Nathan Werbeckes

    Product Manager

  • Zego

    Katy Nilsson

    Director of Client Services

  • Zego

    Donald Knoelke

    Product Owner

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