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Handling the growth of packages at multifamily communities

[On-demand webinar]

Online shopping has never been more appealing. And unfortunately for on-site staff, the daily flood of packages creates hours of work. For residents, retrieving packages can be inconvenient, too, especially if they are mishandled, stolen, or processed incorrectly.

To fix these problems, many communities are embracing new package management solutions. Watch our 45-minute on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to meet the different expectations of residents when it comes to handling their packages
  • What your options are for better package management
  • Which best practices and guidelines you should follow when picking the right package management solution 
  • Quick demo of our two package management solutions

Webinar Speakers

  • Zego

    Chris Helmers

    Senior Account Executive

  • Zego

    Dan Snyder

    Director of Product Management

Hear from our experts in our on-demand webinar

Just a few years ago, the holiday season might have been the only time packages overwhelmed multifamily communities. But the pandemic and other market forces have dramatically altered buying behaviors.

Even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, package deliveries to apartment communities are forecasted to grow at an alarming clip. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Bozzuto Management, 89% of residents said they will continue to rely on online shopping for most items even after the pandemic.

There are numerous pain points associated with the growth of packages both for residents and on-site teams responsible for managing them. So, before you pick a solution to improve package management at your communities, it’s important that you consider the full scope of pros and cons.

In this on-demand webinar, we deep dive into four approaches to better multifamily package management:

  • Package management apps
  • Package locker systems
  • Smart package rooms
  • Third-party package management & delivery

We give you an overview of how each of these methods work as well as their benefits and drawbacks. Then, we arm you with key considerations and guidelines to help you make the right call for your communities - and even give you a quick demo of the two most popular solutions.

Check out our on-demand package management webinar

Don’t miss your chance to learn which multifamily package management solution is best suited for your communities.