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From Manual to Marvelous: How Automation Unleashes Your Onsite Teams

[On-demand webinar]

Thanks to recent advances in technology, your most critical tasks can be automated, freeing up time for your staff, reducing turnover, and helping your business run smoother.

Watch this 30-minute on-demand webinar featuring:

  • Two industry veterans with years of property management experience
  • Personal anecdotes & proprietary research discussing the benefits of proptech automation
  • An open and transparent dialogue followed by Q&A


Automation is the future of multifamily. Don’t get left behind.

Did you know multifamily staff turnover has increased to 33%? There’s no denying that turnover can be a major disruptor for any business, but this is amplified in the multifamily industry. When your business revolves around residents smiling and resigning leases, risking an unpredictable quality of service can have ripple effects for your online reputation and resident retention.

With multifamily automation, you can enhance projects such as collecting & processing resident payments, paying property bills such as utilities, communicating with residents, and much more. Join us as two industry professionals, with years of experience as property managers, discuss how proptech automation simplifies your operations and overall protects your bottom line. Watch this on-demand webinar!

Webinar Speakers

  • Zego

    Katy Nilsson

    Director of Client Enablement

  • Zego

    Charles Buggs

    Customer Success Manager

Automate the small stuff & let your team focus on the big stuff

Watch this webinar to see the powerful impact automation can have on your mutlifamily operations with two experts with years of property management under their belt.