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To build or not to build, that is the question

Multifamily property management firms are increasingly choosing to build their own resident portals instead of using pre-built solutions from other proptech companies. Resident portals refer to platforms on which residents make rent payments and self-service daily tasks like submitting maintenance requests, managing package deliveries, accessing smart home controls, and more.

Not getting what you need out of your current resident portal or in the process of evaluating a new vendor? Join us for an open dialogue with two notable property management firms as they discuss the growing trend of building your own multifamily resident portal. Discussion topics will include:

  • What business circumstances make building your resident portal significantly more attractive than buying one?
  • What should your evaluation and decision-making processes look like?
  • Which financial & engineering best practices should you follow to flawlessly execute a project of this nature?
  • What common pitfalls should you avoid based on lessons-learned from industry pros?

Is it more beneficial to build your own portal in-house or to purchase a portal service? The answer is - it depends. This panel-style webinar will explore the decision-making process in great detail. A video recording of the webinar will be available soon!

Webinar Speakers

  • RXR

    Andrew Min

    SVP of Strategy and Digital Initiatives

  • Venterra Realty

    Stephanie Gonzalez

    VP of Innovation

  • Zego

    Jason Schedler

    VP of Product Strategy