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Resident Experience Management Predictions for 2022

Join a panel of property management experts as they discuss this year's hottest trends in resident experience management share their predictions for what's on the horizon in 2022.

You’ll leave this 45-minute discussion having learned:

  • What were the top resident experience & technology trends of 2021
  • How industry leaders think resident experience management will change in 2022
  • What top property managers are doing to stay at the forefront of resident experience
  • What you can do in these new market conditions to maximize return on your tech investments

Tune in to discuss the future of resident experience management

Since the start of the pandemic, property management has seen a rapid uptick in technology adoption to continue operating safely and efficiently. At the same time, COVID-19 itself has  changed resident habits and expectations. As this year comes to a close, our panel of experts will reflect on the top resident experience trends of 2021 and share their predictions for 2022.

One potential trend impacting resident experience management going forward is a permanent shift to remote work. How are top property management companies addressing this? And how are they using technology to ensure the best resident experience?

Join us for a discussion on this and more - and bring your own provocative questions to the event as well!

Our Panel Speakers

  • The Morgan Group

    Joe Melton

    VP, Marketing and Management Support Services

  • 365 Connect

    Kerry Kirby

    Founder & CEO

  • Village Green

    Amber King

    Assistant Area Director

  • WillMax Capital Management

    Brian McMakin

    Director of Technology

  • Zego

    Nick Latz

    Chief Revenue Officer

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