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A better lockbox: The last piece of the 100% digital payments puzzle

[On-demand webinar recording]

Every month, your property staff lose countless hours of time scanning checks, making deposits, and reconciling payments. Having residents pay online is the ideal solution, but some still aren't ready to make that switch.

That’s where Zego’s lockbox for payments solution makes the difference. Watch our 40 minute on-demand recording where we cover:

  • Which factors impact the ongoing increase of check payments today
  • The current challenges with traditional check processing
  • Why our modern lockbox for payments is superior to traditional lockbox solutions
  • How Zego’s partnership with CheckAlt helps you achieve 100% digital payments
  • What change management best practices you can implement for maximum success

Tune into our on-demand recording to hear from our lockbox experts

We all know that digital rent payments are ideal, as they create convenience for your residents, increase security, and save your staff time. But some residents still prefer checks. And, occasionally, accepting checks may be required. In fact, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Bill Payment Experiment and the Survey of Consumer Payment Choice data show that today’s dominant methods for paying rent are still check (42%) and money order (16%).

Property managers have numerous options when it comes to handling checks today, but most of them fall short, and that’s why we created Zego Pay Lockbox. Zego has partnered with CheckAlt to launch a streamlined solution that allows you to manage all receivables in one comprehensive payments platform.

In this recording, we give you a glimpse into this industry-leading product and discuss how it helps you achieve smoother operations, better visibility, and higher productivity at your communities.

Webinar Speakers

  • Zego

    Shirin Rejali

    Senior Director of Product Marketing

  • Zego

    Stephen Baker

    Chief Product and Technology Officer

  • CheckAlt

    Allison Murray

    Chief Growth Officer

Check out our on-demand recording

Don’t miss your chance to ease the pains of manual receivables management with Zego Pay Lockbox.