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Zego & TOPS: A top-class integration to simplify your payment collection

[On-demand webinar]

With TOPS & Zego you have everything you need at the tip of your fingers to collect and process payments seamlessly. Discover how to maximize your TOPS & Zego integration to simplify your life and drive 100% digital payments. Join us in this on-demand event to learn:
  • The operational & financial benefits that result from 100% digital payment adoption
  • How to provide a better homeowner experience using TOPS Pay utilizing Zego
  • Types of payment methods to offer your homeowners

Webinar Speakers

  • TOPS

    Teri Perez

    Vice President of Business Development

  • ZEGO

    Michael Sherlin

    Director of Channel Management

  • ZEGO

    Alex Moya

    Sales Engineer

Zego + TOPS Webinar

Discover the TOPS integration with Zego and explore the capabilities to collect and process payments seamlessly.