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Why Companies Choose Zego vs. ClickPay®

Achieve 100% digital rent payments using your chosen management software, while empowering residents to pay how they prefer. See how Zego compares to ClickPay®.

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The leading online rent payments solution

Zego Pay provides benefits other payments providers can’t match. With our modern mobile app, more integration options than any other solution on the market, and our 100% digital payments methodology, you’ll deliver better efficiency and cash flow to your communities.


Enjoy more integrations than with any other payment provider

You rely on your property management software to get your job done. So we’ve made it our business to master the integration. Zego has more integrations than any other payment provider, so you can always connect with the platforms you rely on. As a result, you get optimized workflows, more accurate data, and no manual workarounds.


Accept payments through an all-in-one community-branded mobile app

Unlike ClickPay®, Zego offers a modern mobile app for payments with best-in-class resident engagement functionality. In addition to online, phone, and retail payment options, your residents can enjoy a seamless payment experience right from their mobile phone. The app is customizable, too, giving you the option to add chat, work order submissions, package notifications, and more.


Boost on-time rent payments with our 100% digital payments methodology

Zego provides ongoing consulting with our 100% digital payment methodology, combined with staff and resident training and rent cycle automation. Plus, our free rental credit reporting feature encourages residents to pay on-time. That means fewer delinquencies, faster reconciliations, and more time back in your day.

A closer look at Zego Pay vs. ClickPay®

Why are we the leading alternative to ClickPay®? Zego Pay gives you more time back in your day thanks to our comprehensive mobile payments platform. With more integrations, ongoing 100% digital consulting and training, and modern resident engagement functionality, Zego Pay is the clear choice.

 Zego PayClickPay®
Mobile-first resident app
(including native payments)
Resident support
24/7/365 industry leading phone support and service
9-8 PM Monday-Friday
Free credit reporting
100% digital payment methodology
Ongoing 100% digital consulting
Staff & resident training
Rent cycle automation
PM chargeback protection
$0 cost + industry-leading chargeback team fights on your behalf + no reversal unless case is lost
$50 and funds debited
PM controls
Granular property level access controls
Payment lockout options
Payment lockout options
Resident payment methods
Debit Card
Credit Card
Cash Payments

Zego goes above and beyond for you and your residents

Want more support resources than ClickPay® offers? Zego gives you 24x7x365 resident phone support to relieve on-site teams from payment questions. Plus, we give your team personalized support and strategic guidance that other industry providers, like ClickPay®, can’t match.

The top-notch features that free up time for your team

  • Granular property-level controls and permissions

    Customize and configure Zego Pay for each team member. On-site and regional level associates can be assigned specific permissions to do their job. From updating resident information, reviewing property-specific reports, and receiving notifications, permissions are completely customizable.

  • Owner payments

    Need to pay property owners? With Zego Pay, you can digitally deposit payments into their bank accounts instead of manually cutting checks.

  • Chargeback assistance

    Facing a chargeback? Our chargeback recovery team fights on your behalf to dispute and resolve each instance. And, unlike ClickPay®, no cost is incurred. Plus, we do not reverse funds until/unless a case is lost.

  • Pricing flexibility

    Because you know what’s best for your business, you decide how to structure online payment fees. We offer flexibile fee types and payment methods depending on what you want to offer residents.

See why customers prefer Zego Pay

“They have every aspect of running a digital payments solution down to a science, so literally all we had to do was sign on the dotted line and let them handle everything else for us.”

“Zego’s customer service is always very helpful and able to answer our questions when we call. Working with Zego has provided a huge time savings for us and we are very pleased with them."

“Zego saves our property manager a ton of time and is so easy to use. We have had well less than a 1% return rate.”

Zego’s integration with MRI is great. There were some minor things we wanted to have customized and Zego worked with MRI on our behalf to get the job done. In the end, it was everything we needed for both our market-rate properties and our affordable ones, too.”

Who We Help

6,000+ residential real estate companies trust, representing nearly 12 million units nationwide. We work with all portfolio types, including traditional multifamily, single family, HOA, student housing and corporate housing, as well as property developers.


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