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Above the Fold

Websites have become a vital part of a business’s branding, value proposition and overall success. Think of all the site’s you visit today and which one’s stand out. I’m willing to bet they each have a design component or content that pulls you in. The best of them have both. This doesn’t happen by chance! Lots of thought and planning goes into a user’s experience when building a site. In addition, special features, important topics or new initiatives should be highlighted on your site in order to stand out from the crowd.

You can probably see where I am going with this…when implementing an electronic rent payment solution, it is important to display it correctly on your website in order to maximize the benefits. There is a direct correlation between management companies who highlight an e-payment option on their website and their high rates of adoption. And remember higher adoption = less paper you have to process. Less paper = more money saved!

PayLease currently has an initiative to rid the world of poor e-payment advertising. By using our new web payment buttons, you can highlight e-payments and still keep your site looking slick. So where do you put the new button? Studies show the best place is in the upper quarter of your webpage also known as “Above The Fold”. A phrase familiar to you old school newspaper readers! : ) That is where the most important news is always displayed.

We feel this is so important, that as part of our initiative, we are offering a free lunch to our clients who move their e-payment buttons “Above The Fold”. That’s right, get a free office lunch for making your site look better, increasing the number of e-payments you get and ultimately saving yourself money. What a deal!

Does your website stand out from the crowd?

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